Beyond Designs traces timeless tints and tinges in their contemporary collection of television lounge spaces

MAR 11, 2022 | By Rhea Sinha
Wood panelled walls add warmth and depth to the cosy atmosphere of the lounge room; Photographs by Beyond Designs
A mirror-clad coffee table complete with gilded finishes and auric accents craft a luxe character in the living space; Photographs by Beyond Designs
Calm chromes complement the contemporary crafted furniture and classic artwork with finesse in the chic television lounge; Photographs by Beyond Designs
Vintage floral fabric in the television lounge set's furnishings and antique artworks exude an old world charm; Photographs by Beyond Designs
Lush leather cabinetry paints a posh picture paired against vintage furnishings and antique accessories in the television lounge area; Photographs by Beyond Designs

Capturing the classic yet contemporary essence of luxe living spaces in all abodes, Beyond Designs by Neha and Sachin Gupta unveils their au courant curated collection of television lounge spaces fashioned to fit precisely in every element. 

Eminent for their alluring amalgam of exquisite and effortless interior design, bespoke boutique decor, and fanciful furnishings, the New Delhi atelier exhibits an elegant ambiance in that part of the home which portrays a stately setting striking to every onlooker’s eye, the television lounges. 

Manifesting a modish moodboard of vintage floral fabrics, sober shades, antique artworks and custom current furniture, the collection flaunts a fusion of florid and fanciful flair with finesse. 

A minimal marble fireplace strikes out against a monotonous ligneous backdrop in the lounge room; Photographs by Beyond Designs

Integral to their prevalent design philosophy of twenty years in illustrating impressive individual urban projects for high-profile personalities and more, Beyond Designs curates ornate stunning spaces with a classic old world charm in their recent residential design endeavours. 

Introducing an alluring assemblage of rich and ritzy residences, the fine series of television lounge spaces features a manifold of  distinct diacritic spaces each complete with an exclusive character. 

A miscellaneous material palette made up of gold accents, mirror clad coffee tables, wooden panelled walls, marble fireplace finishings, and a gallery of attractive artwork come together in the timeless lounge spaces, modelling charismatic contemporary construction with comfort. 

Fetching floral artworks enhance the elegant environment in the television lounge space, exhibiting exquisite taste; Photographs by Beyond Designs

Incorporating innuendos from eclectic expression in decor around the world, the brand crafts a harmonious connection with Indian heritage and culture in their one-of-a-kind handsome home interiors, translating their client’s visions and reverie into reality. 

The firm’s Flagship store at the Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, New Delhi accommodates their recently launched brand Beyond Designs Home, an accessories boutique retailing bespoke chic and cosmopolitan furniture pieces encompassing a premium textile palette.

Distinguished designer duo Neha and Sachin Gupta celebrated in acclaimed journals, impress once again with their iconic aesthetic image inspired by ingenious artistic and in vogue decor and design in the stunning series of television lounge spaces. Their penchant pursuing experimentation in art and antiques weds a passionate preference of luxe living in their eye for extraordinary and dainty design.