Snuggled in serenity: A Bengaluru home by Studio Bomb echoes whispers of minimalism

MAY 15, 2024 | By Akshita Maheshwari
All the different elements, with different colours and textures come together in a harmony. The artwork by Saranya Kallutla is a standout; Photograph by Oculis Project
The guest bedroom is coloured is light hues of warmth; Photograph by Oculis Project
The kitchen sourced from Upscale living, is wrapped in Satuario Stone and Copper finished by Microtopping and Italian Grey Marble; Photograph by Oculis Project
The dining, with the veneer wrap flowing in, sits under a custom glass chandelier sourced from Pixel Studio with custom marble dining table and nappa leather chairs; Photograph by Oculis Project

Brimming. Buzzing. Busy. A city that is constantly brewing the next big billion dollar idea, Bengaluru is one for the hustlers. It’s imaginative, modern yet grounded. In such a city, how does one imagine a home that is a slice of serenity? A home that will instantly bring calm to its homeowners.

Principal architect Shankar Kallutla, along with co-architect Archana Anil at Studio Bomb devise an answer. Sprawling 2,400 sq ft area, Flat Muse, as dubbed by its designers, in Bengaluru is testament to the power of the whispers of luxury. 

Studio Bomb
Accessories from Curio Casa are displayed in the background; Photograph by Oculis Project

Loud in silence

Every corner reverberates the theme here. Serene elegance. The design firm itself is modernist-inspired, drawing heavily from contemporary aesthetics. But even with such quiet and minimalist design, the elements in this house echo the space’s personality.  

Studio Bomb
Open and close metal racking in shades of grey complement the walnut veneer paired along with curated furniture; Photograph by Oculis Project

The couch — a subdued shade of blue — is a pop amidst the neutrals, which themselves are a darker rendition of the classic neutral palette, adding depth to an open space.

Every element in the living room is a different texture — the camaleonda sofa, a soft velvet. The chairs, a smooth leather. And the table, a shiny marble. All enveloped in warm walnut veneers. Another element at display, the chess board adds  delicacy to the striking minimalism of the room. 

Studio Bomb
The dining room bathes in soft light; Photograph by Oculis Project


Studio Bomb
The artwork by Saranya Kallutla is a standout, depicting a harmony of lines and textures; Photograph by Oculis Project

The pièce de résistance however, is the enormous art piece by Saranya Kallutla — a masterclass in lines, textures and clean design. “Central to the project’s development was the commitment to a design philosophy rooted in conceptual depth, expressive elements and the removal of superfluous elements,” say the designers.

Balancing privacy

The building in which the apartment is situated, is made with the Mivan method of building, which makes it so that there aren’t any structural changes in the apartment itself. This presents the designers with a challenge — how to create balance in all the different areas of the apartment without changing its structure? 

Studio Bomb
Decorative elements like the vases and an art piece add pops of colour and personality to the space; Photograph by Oculis Project

And so, as one walks into this space, they’re greeted with a warm, inviting social area comprising the living and dining room and the adjacently placed kitchen. The three bedrooms are hidden away, to give the residents privacy, successfully creating a smooth transition between the public and private realms of the home.

Studio Bomb
Nested coffee tables made from Italian Marble and leather tops to match the leather armchairs; Photograph by Oculis Project

At first glance, the kitchen is a tango of tangerine — a subdued rendition of course. A terra-cottage cheese is churning, which has separated from the masterful marbles. The black and white marble both cut away from the warm colours of the cabinet, creating a beautiful juxtaposition. 

Studio Bomb
The kitchen from Upscale living, is wrapped in Satuario Stone and Copper finished by Microtopping and Italian Grey Marble; Photograph by Oculis Project

Bedding in minimalist dreams

The master bedroom takes after the living space in its palette. Dark shades of cream, beige and grey colour the room and a pop of blue makes an appearance, in the form of a nightstand.

Studio Bomb
The round and blue nightstand is juxtaposed with the straight lines and neutral colours of the rest of the room; Photograph by Oculis Project

The guest bedroom, on the other hand, picks up a much lighter tone. Warm in its shades, it looks basked in sunshine, offering some contrast in the metallic grey nightstand. The kid’s bedroom fully embraces the fun and wonder of childhood. The dark walnut veneers of the outside take up a much younger tone of oaks. Many more pops of colour show up in greens and oranges, which the panda on the wall seems to love very much.

Studio Bomb
The guest bedroom is coloured is light hues of warmth; Photograph by Oculis Project


Studio Bomb
The panda welcomes in fun and colour into the room; Photograph by Oculis Project


Studio Bomb
Pops of green and orange complement the light palette with the use of oak; Photograph by Oculis Project

Shankar Kallutla and Archana Anil, along with a design team consisting of Rohan Oommen, Murali Kumar and Ravi Kiran, have created a haven snuggled in serenity. Calm and clean, this apartment is proof that minimalism doesn’t just mean getting rid of elements. It’s meticulousness, precision and attention to detail — an art that Flat Muse is a masterclass in.

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