House of Greens: This Bengaluru home pays homage to nature with an indoor-outdoor canvas

MAY 6, 2024 | By Bindu Gopal Rao
A sense of privacy created by the green curtain creepers in the House of Greens; Photography by Ekansh Goel
The House of Greens hidden behind the surrounding greens and its flora and greenery with natural material palette; Photography by Ekansh Goel
The outdoor spaces are a great way to add foliage into the space; Photography by Ekansh Goel
The first floor master bed terrace garden is covered with green curtain creepers; Photography by Ekansh Goel
The sense of ground has been created at the first floor master bed terrace garden with cascading lawns, creepers, shrubs, potted plants and inlaid granite flooring; Photography by Ekansh Goel
Environmentally friendly materials and energy efficient technologies have been used to reduce the home’s environmental footprint; Photography by Ekansh Goel
The sky-lit green court at first floor level brings the connection of nature that extends from the terrace balcony and beyond; Photography By Ekansh Goel

With a visually evident name entitled to this home in Bengaluru, House of Greens, a narrative on nature and its inspirations emerges. Tucked inside a gated community in the city’s Sarjapur Road, this four-bedroom dwelling stays true to its name, surrounded and connected with lush greenery, both visually and physically, at all levels. 

Designed by Chandrakant S Kanthigavi, Founder and Principal Architect, 4site architects, a sense of absolute tranquillity is one of the first clues firmly rooted in its design ethos. 

The welcoming character of double height interior spaces welcome nature inside through the large openable wooden doors; Photography By Ekansh Goel


A playful swing seat and an abundance of potted plants adds to the tranquil atmosphere in the living space; Photography by Ekansh Goel

A green makeover

The initial discussion with the homeowners was about creating a space that reflects peace and nature. “After some brainstorming sessions, we discovered that they are dog lovers, green enthusiasts, down to earth doctors and peace lovers, committed to a sustainable lifestyle,” says Chandrakant. 

As a tribute to Bengaluru’s ‘Garden City’ epitaph, the theme of this home is to reflect the abundance of green spaces. This is how the concept was carefully conceived to imagine a garden-esque experience embedded in every space. 

The North East Garden is an extension of the sky living space with a natural lawn and a vertical garden to create privacy; Photography By Ekansh Goel


An idol of Krishna in the lobby is accentuated with potted plants giving the foyer a welcoming feel; Photography by Ekansh Goel


The designers have woven a common theme of nature through a natural material palette of various textures of fabrics and finishes and added pops of colour; Photography by Ekansh Goel

Space Fix

The stone-paved entryway reveals a nook lined with trees and a wooden slatted gate alongside a series of planters leading to the verandah. “A warm welcome awaits in the foyer as an idol of Krishna in the lobby and a double-height living area opening to the rear garden create a visual connection with nature,” says Chandrakant

With the entire space contoured with a free plan layout and the greens co-existing as protagonists, the home mimics being a retreat blanketed with the hues of nature. The architect adds, “The common spaces at ground levels open to East, West and large North east gardens. The kitchen opens to the green garden to make the cooking enjoyable with natural light and ventilation. The parents’ bedroom is on the South West of the home and opens to the South with a green wall and deck.”

The dining space utilises a natural material palette with wood, granite and greenery; Photography by Ekansh Goel


The tropical wallpaper continues the tale of connection with nature; Photography by Ekansh Goel


The decor and lighting were selected keeping biophilic design in mind; Photography by Ekansh Goel


Stunning artefacts accentuate the abundance of wood; Photography By Ekansh Goel

An exposed concrete folded plate staircase clad with mahogany wood takes you to the first floor. The primary bedroom trickles on to a private terrace garden with edge lawns and shrubs that also act as a safety barrier. The children’s bedroom has a private balcony overlooking the north east court below. On the second floor there is another bedroom, gym and terraced garden.

Going Green

The House of Greens design incorporates environment-friendly materials and energy-efficient technologies to reduce the home’s footprint. The use of natural lighting, passive heating and cooling systems and rainwater harvesting contribute to the sustainability of the home. In addition, a variety of indoor plants, a rooftop garden and lush backyard brings beauty of nature in the living spaces, lending a peaceful impression to the residents.

A wooden slatted entrance gate with a nook welcomes you with a series of planters, wooden ceiling portico and stone pathway leading to a verandah; Photography by Ekansh Goel


The children’s bedroom has a private balcony overlooking the north east court below; Photography by Ekansh Goel

“The design has been carefully curated to enhance the greens and frame the existing greens.  The rest of the palette is muted with natural materials such as wooden flooring, laterite stone cladding, natural granite and large wooden doors and windows. The balance is made with interior design including a mix of bespoke, built-in pieces, as well as traditional outdoor furnishings and an abundance of potted plants,” says Chandrakant. This is a perfect example of a home that merges the outdoors with the indoors creating a green space that adheres to the tranquil space requirement that the client always wanted.

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