Bengaluru based Aakriti Saraf of Aakriti Saraf Designs fashions a chic penthouse with rustic motifs

JUL 1, 2020 | By Krisha Godani
The outdoor seating space features wooden furnishing and quirky lights; Photographs courtesy Squarefoot
The terrace is done up in bold tones with lush planters, making it the perfect spot to unwind; Photographs courtesy Squarefoot

After training and honing her skills while working with design icons such as Noser Wadia and Ajit Shilpi, Aakriti Saraf established her practice Aakriti Saraf Design in Bengaluru to showcase her design aesthetic. Among her many projects is this penthouse that features a modern aesthetic that perfectly balances functionality. 

This brief that the homeowners, a young couple, gave Saraf required her to retain key pieces while updating the spaces into a contemporary home. Detailed discussions with the clients about their lifestyle, daily habits and social needs kicked off the execution of this project. 

A view of the outdoor kitchen and dining space; Photographs courtesy Squarefoot

We love the neutral colour palette that dominates the abundantly green terrace. The multilevel elevation was added to enjoy the view from this open space. A wooden ceiling, minimal outdoor furniture, and traditional cabinets with accents of wood, stone and metal offer layers of textures throughout the house. The bookshelf-cum-buffet table, made out MS sections, actually support the roof, while adding a contemporary touch to the space. 

A herb garden that seamlessly blends into the design aesthetic is a great conversation starter for many gatherings. Plus, a vertical garden is used to cover an unsightly duct and the stone parapet that wraps the entire terrace is stretched to create the bar counter, making it look like infinite. 

The indoor office features an orange seater and charcoal mutes table; Photographs courtesy Squarefoot

A forgotten storeroom was converted into a unique, quiet study with a traditional table sourced from Jaipur and a modern wallpaper. An antique finished mirror is added to give this space an airy, light filled ambience.

The clients ultimately came to love this newly revamped space and the terrace became their absolute favourite spot to not only mingle with friends but also spend some downtime.