A millennial’s find: Beetle Design Studio crafts a young yet rooted Mumbai home

JUN 19, 2024 | By Pooja Prabbhan Srijith
The living room sports soft silhouttes and curves against a neutral muted backdrop; Photography by Talib Chitalwala
The living room floods with daylight, highlighting the artistic appeal of the piano; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

Are millennial homeowners viewing life differently? While there are myriad ways to answer this, Rukhsar and Saiqa Shaikh, principal designers and co-founders of Beetle Design Studio, decided to fuse their progressive design philosophy, accommodating both zen and zany vibes in equal measure.

Called Urban Eden, the 1,000 sq ft pet-friendly Mumbai abode with a modernist flair is designed for a young couple and their two doggos. “The space was conceived with the vision of creating a holiday retreat within the bustling landscape of Mumbai,” shares Rukhsar, as she speaks of the interiors that exude youthful energy while providing ample room for solitude and oneness.

The colour and material palette of the space celebrate the natural beauty of wood while infusing modern touches through carefully selected materials. Solid and locally sourced wood and veneer take centerstage, lending organic warmth and character to the space; Photography by Talib Chitalwala


Through the clever juxtaposition of unique furniture shapes and a diverse array of earth-inspired materials, the space exudes youthful energy while simultaneously enveloping visitors in a cocoon of serenity and relaxation. The corner artefact is from D Tale Modern, while the bowl on the coffee table is from H&M Home. The coffee table books are from Ikka Dukka. The floor lamp is from Oorjaa; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

Overlooking the landmark Juhu Beach; this cosy address bears a versatile personality — replete with thoughtful and contemporary designs — that strikes the right balance between practicality and luxury, without taking away the essence of a home: tranquillity. 

Curvaceous appeal 

A quick home tour makes one thing certain: spatial utilisation and attention to detail are at the cornerstone of this studio’s design philosophy. The placement of fresh indoor plants in the living room and a sliding partition that creates a “chill zone” of sorts to a powder room for convenience stand as a testament to the same. 

The master bedroom lends the feel of a thoughtfully curated sanctuary. To the right, the master washroom offers the feel of a spa-like retreat, while directly ahead lies a spacious walk-in wardrobe, thoughtfully separated by sliding wooden doors — for privacy and organisation. The master bed is positioned on the left, accompanied by a cosy day bench alongside the window. 

Complementing the organic richness of the space are the soft textures of linen and boucle fabrics adorning upholstery and curtains, imbuing the space with a sense of softness and comfort; Photography by Talib Chitalwala


A piano is positioned strategically in front of a window to invite natural light and inspiration, besides enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the expansive living room. While the musical instrument exudes main character energy, the cleverly designed cabinet doubling as a cosy dog bed provides visual interest. The floor lamp is from Oorjaa; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

The homeowners’ brief came with a mandate — an ask for amply lit interiors, owing to which significant structural changes like widened arch French windows were incorporated. “The most challenging aspect of the project revolved around navigating the constraints posed by cantilever beams and low ceiling heights. However, by strategically incorporating larger windows to invite more sunlight into the space and employing textures with curved edges throughout, we were able to overcome this setback,” she outlines.

An evident detour from conventional luxury design tropes is well-evidenced in the choice of designs like earthy and natural textures, fused with geometric forms. “Embracing soft curves and rounded edges, we aimed to create a seamless transition between spaces,” says Saiqa. 

By shunning glossy finishes and flashy marble, the home offers a refreshing take on luxury that resonates deeply with the homeowner’s desire for a sanctuary reminiscent of their travels. The artefacts are from Pottery Barn; Photography by Talib Chitalwala


The vestibule is draped in the neutrals and earthy tones that characterise the rest of the abode. The boot shaped umbrella holder is from Peacock Life and the stone statue on the console is from DTale Modern; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

Wooden glory

While metal accents are used sparingly, their strategic placement adds a luxe and contemporary edge to the design narrative. “Gunmetal and aged brass finishes bring a modern touch while remaining harmoniously aligned with the natural and earthy character of the overall palette,” she avers. 

Rukhsar adds, “We found great joy in crafting the main wooden panelling that discreetly conceals multiple doors throughout the house. This element stands out as the pinnacle of our design endeavour due to the intricate craftsmanship it demanded.”

Soft curves and warm wooden accents imbue the home with a cosy allure. The artwork is a digital art in archival; Photography by Talib Chitalwala print on canvas

A green eye goes a long way 

In keeping with the earthy ethos of the house, the home is replete with sustainable materials and features. The use of locally sourced wood, cork, and Indian stone, all chosen for minimal environmental footprint and contribution to the home’s organic aesthetic.

“A notable aspect of our sustainability efforts was our decision to manufacture furniture pieces in our Mumbai-based factory, rather than sourcing them from outside the city or importing them,” concludes Rukhsar, enthusing how the approach didn’t merely stop at supporting local artisans and reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation, but also equipped the design team to maintain top-tier international design standards. 

The “chill zone” area of the living room stands as a testament of the couple’s common love for hosting friends and family, with the inclusion of elements like integrated lighting and music with home automation, which helps the space to transition from zen to zany. The aged brass finish detailing on the dado and shelves lends a luxe appeal; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

Really, what’s not to love about a home where its timeless and grounding design harks to the many fond travels of the homeowners? An idyll for all seasons, this Juhu home is a pleasant assault on the senses and soul. 

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