Austin Proper Hotel and Residences artfully places itself at the cultural crossroads of Downtown Texas’ skyline

NOV 20, 2019 | By Vedika Nair

Rising above the coast of the city it’s named after, Austin Proper Hotel and Residences is all set to open its doors this winter in Texas. Crafted by interior designer Kelly Wearstler, its 244 rooms and suites, 99 branded residences and luxury amenities—all blend lifestyle and well being with aesthetic interiors. The property also offers creative offices, bespoke design and a peek into the local culture.

Unfurling over three years, Wearstler’s creative vision for the site features an individualistic view blending a tradition of artistry and craftsmanship that defines the city. The influence of the most stately homes in Texas’ capital city animates captivating details from a sculptural staircase installation of 60 patchworked rugs to the lobby’s monolithic wood-and-ceramic grandfather clock. An essence of local art is seen throughout with textural plays on every surface, ranging from the pool deck to antique mirror finishes in the rooms. With the city as its muse, the designer detailed each room for refined living and restful evenings. Deeply influenced by indigenous arts and crafts, every space in the property exudes a cultural essence.

This luxury hotel will host McGuire Moorman Hospitality, the award-winning team behind Austin’s best dining and entertainment spots. The landmark eatery provides its patrons with lip-smacking, Meditteranean inspired cuisine and flavours. Keeping in line with the hotel’s commitment to wellness, this urban getaway accommodates a soothing lounge and spa as well as a spacious fitness centre. An array of high-end facilities encourage the guests to linger on the property or even set up a temporary office with a view of the pool.