Atelier by Turri embodies Italian craftsmanship for cosmopolitan living

MAY 15, 2024 | By Team ELLE DECOR India
Atelier’s cosy sofa with a wide seat; Photograph by Turri
The Atelier living room designed by Matteo Nunziati for Turri; Photograph by Turri
The Atelier dining room designed by Matteo Nunziati for Turri; Photograph by Turri
The Atelier bedroom designed by Matteo Nunziati for Turri; Photograph by Turri

Haute couture furniture makes a resounding statement in every home. Translating the personality of the space to induce awe, it has the ability to capture the homeowner’s distinct design story.  Atelier, a new collection designed by Matteo Nunziati for Turri, is all that and more. Made in Italy, the collection redefines cosmopolitan living culture and  exemplifies fashionable contemporary living that is adept for aesthetes that value attention to detail. 

The Atelier living room features coffee tables with a bevelled inward top and leather inserts; Photograph by Turri

Comprising pieces for your living room, dining space and bedroom, the collection features modern Italian design at its best. 

The Atelier dining collection is embellished with comfortable and functional pieces; Photograph by Turri

The living space collection features a sofa, an armchair and coffee tables that emulate Italian leather craftsmanship. The suave sofa promises comfort with its wide seat and stunning design with its internal fabric upholstery. 

The atelier armchairs designed by Matteo Nunziati; Photograph by Turri


Details of the Atelier sofa; Photograph by Turri

Cylindrical coffee tables in an array of heights ensure that you will find a befitting central element for your living room and coffee conversations.  It follows the design philosophy of fusing leather and walnut wood, a characterising element added to the collection by Matteo Nunziati. 

Atelier coffee tables are made in an assortment of heights; Photograph by Turri

Atelier table, chairs and sideboard for the dining room excel in coming together to furnish a space that facilitates function with a strong focus on visual and tactile design. The three cylinders that make up the table give refinement to the structure while the accompanying chairs that are available — with and without an arm rest — are bedecked with brass metal details. 

Dining table and chairs by Matteo Nunziati for Turri; Photograph by Terri


Walnut wood sideboard juxtaposes design with functionality; Photograph by Turri


Details of the Atelier sideboard; Photograph by Turri

The walnut wood sideboard serves a two-pronged purpose of displaying decor as well as storing necessities. Available in marble as well, the additional choice of ribbed bronze glass doors captures the essence of this elegant tale of furniture. 

Leather buckles are a core element in the entire collection, including the bedroom objects that feature a material and tactile contrast. The bedroom manifests as a repository of tranquillity, wherein one may find balance and take a break from the outside world. 

The Atelier leather upholstered bed with hidden legs; Photograph by Turri


Dresser crafted from warm walnut wood; Photograph by Turri

The bed from the collection is upholstered in leather and appears to be suspended in the air thanks to the hidden legs. Warm walnut wood complements the soft leather of the side table and dressers. With Atelier, Turri extends their art of making to the collection conferring an experience worthy of calling it the art of living. 

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