For eclectic homes splashed with Indian crafts—Royale Play Taana Baana wall textures set the tone for the festive season

OCT 27, 2021 | By Twinkle Tolani
Inspired by the famous art form from Gujarat and Rajasthan, Royale Play Taana Baana’s Bandhej wall texture makes the perfect match for traditional as well as contemporary home setups; Photograph courtesy Asian Paints
A little more than just a coloured wall, the Basket weave texture is every bit charming, sustainable and ideal for adding a crafty essence of India to your living space; Photograph courtesy Asian Paints
This festive season, drape your walls with the statement-making Charpai texture and bring in a fun contrast to your contemporary home setting; Photograph courtesy Asian Paints
It might be the right time to balance out pastels with bright stripes, featuring the Ikkat loom pattern that will infuse life to any space it adorns; Photograph courtesy Asian Paints
Render your rooms perfect with a resplendent mix of vintage and modern with the characteristic imprint of Madras Checks; Photograph courtesy Asian Paints
Bring the stunning tonality of the refreshing Palm Weave home and douse your spaces in the colours of festivities; Photograph courtesy Asian Paints
Relive the era of bright colours with the joyous Pompom texture from Royale Play Taana Baana; Photograph courtesy Asian Paints
If there was a wall texture to complete any look, it would definitely be the Tussar silk-inspired texture from Royale Play Taana Baana; Photograph courtesy Asian Paints

A home witnesses the birth of countless journeys, stories, ideas and emotions. On occasions as special as our favourite festivals, it is only natural to swathe every corner of the home with elements that feel personal, tell a story of essence and look phenomenal at every glance. This festive season, to lend an unmissable, arresting appeal to the walls of your home, Asian Paints Royale Play brings to the fore a unique collection of exquisite wall textures—Taana Baana. 

Inspired by the glorious heritage of Indian crafts and weaves, Taana Baana is a work of art that will invoke a sea of emotions and memories, wrapped up in enchanting colour and texture play to adorn your home. 

From the quintessential charpais and the omnipresent wicker baskets we keep fruits and flowers in, to grandma’s priceless ikkat saree and the bandhej dupatta in a bride’s trousseau, Taana Baana draws inspiration from precious crafts to adorn our walls and lives.

Bring in a splash of colour and culture to your home with the Bandhej wall texture from Asian Paints Royale Play Taana Baana; Photograph courtesy Asian Paints

Taana Baana translates to warp and weft, which refers to the orientation of any woven fabric. It is what forms the basic components of weaving, turning thread to yarn, yarn to fabric, and fabric to lifestyles. The new collection presents a selection of 8 elegant wall textures that are a tribute to the crafts and art forms passed on through generations of skilled artisans. 

Enliven your home walls with Basket weave texture that onlookers can’t help but marvel at, with Asian Paints Royale Play Taana Baana; Photograph courtesy Asian Paints

Be it age-old traditions or contemporary homes, Taana Baana finishes are novel, imbued with artsy, cultural hints that aptly represent all parts of India. The wall textures come in multiple shade combinations in metallic and non-metallic variants. The sheer multitude of the range makes it an ideal pick to introduce a personal touch with a modern outlook to living spaces.

Embrace the detailing of Indian artwork blended seamlessly with elegant colours in form of Ikkat wall texture from Royale Play Taana Baana; Photograph courtesy Asian Paints

Each wall texture is seeded in a striking concept, derived from a dextrous native craft that was popularised either by a state or a group of craftsmen. The ‘Charpai’ wall texture illustrates the criss-cross weave of the restful woven charpoys seen widely across homes in North India. The ‘Palm Weave’ wall texture takes hints from the chevron weaves of the giant palm leaves along the Indian states of Goa and Kerala.

Blend textures of Madras Checks in more than one way with Royale Paint Taana Baana’s exquisite range of wall textures inspired by Indian handicrafts; Photograph courtesy Asian Paints

The ‘Bandhej’ wall texture is inspired by its namesake ancient tie-dye form, still prevalent and in vogue today, originating from the lands of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The ‘Basket’ texture delineates the states in the northeast known for their distinctive, meticulously twisted and woven cane and bamboo handicrafts. The ‘Madras Checks’ wall texture preserves the essence of the timeless plaid weave, a staple in the Southern states of India.

Reminiscent of the breezy coastlines of India, the subtle yet mesmerising Palm Weave texture will make every day feel like a picturesque holiday; Photograph courtesy Asian Paints

The threadlike texture and inherent asymmetry of the ‘Ikkat’ wall texture remarkably outlines the beauty of the loom native to Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Orissa. The ‘Pompom’ wall texture, dives into the warm aesthetics of the cool northern states of Ladakh, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Deck your spaces with a celebratory spirit with the Pompom texture that augments the mood of any setting; Photograph courtesy Asian Paints

Like the uninhibited spirit of the silkworm, the ‘Tussar’ wall texture flows effortlessly to splash an abundance of luminosity and depth to large walls. It beautifully captures the luxury and awe-inspiring character of the Tussar silk produced in the Eastern states of Bihar and Jharkhand.

A perfect addition to a contemporary setting, the Tussar texture exemplifies a free flowing luxury and minimalism; Photograph courtesy Asian Paints


Welcome the festive season with panache and revamp your abode with Tussar, a one-of-a-kind wall texture from Royale Play Taana Baana; Photograph courtesy Asian Paints

Speaking about this exceptional collection that reinvents the eclectic crafts forms from across the breadth and length of India, Amit Syngle, MD and CEO, Asian Paints Limited says, “We at Asian Paints are pleased to share ‘Royale Play Taana Baana’, a truly special collection of wall textures inspired by the heart and soul of India- the artisans and their handicraft. The seamless transition of these crafts to our walls will not only create a strong sense of belonging, but also a unique décor theme – something that is indigenous and contemporary. The collection will fit into Indian homes with ease and will evoke fond memories.”

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