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Asian Paints Colour of the Year: Madder Red

DEC 19, 2016 | By Sneha Ullal Goel
Although the year is coming to an end, there are a few things that retain a classic status. This is why, we take inspiration from Asian Paints Colour of the Year 2016, Madder Red, to show you six ways the sublime hue can become a little piece of your heart and home.
1. Geometric inspirations
While the brave yearn for multi clashing colours, the daredevils shriek for all over solids. Adapt absolute Madder Red on sculptural furniture or masterpieces – even if it’s the spiral staircase in your living room.
2. Scale up
Ditch the wallpaper for paint whiffs and brushes that take you back to school. Prepare a mural of your favourite nostalgic leitmotif and choose Madder Red as a dominating shade, just to hold everyone’s attention a little longer.
3. Self help
All we’re saying is give Indian prints a chance. Madder Red block patterns on matching materials sends out another strong message – it’s okay to be subtle and bold at the same time.
4. Vintage romance
Roses are Madder Red, but a setup with undulating, old-fashioned charm can be even more so, with its exuberance. Harken to 17th century nobles – complement lush, smooth velvet with precious heirlooms in antique gold or silver.
5. Gentle weaves
Show your true colours by choosing natural dyes over synthetic fibres. Madder Red threads used in traditional furnishings and fabrics make ideal hearth and soul warmers.
6. Sugar and spice
Relish a little wine, or at least its intense cerise hues. Elevate your contrast game – try fiery with sweet; brilliant Madder Red foods with innocent ivory serveware.
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