Ashwath Narayanan and Divya Khullar of 1405 Design Studio present a melange of prints and patterns

AUG 20, 2020 | By Vedika Nair
Emphasising the grid, the prints in the living room complement the customised velvet sofa and matching drapes from Drapes and Dreams in Chennai. The intricately embroidered throw cushions are from Sarita Handa, while accents in antique brass are from Oma and Address Home; Photographs by Sreenag Pictures
The living room has sombre grey on the walls and warm white from Asian Paints on the ceiling. The floor is laid with seamless Alaska grey marble with spread out veins, visually expanding the floor; Photographs by Sreenag Pictures
On the opposite wall, the existing sharp corner is diminished with a wooden panel in natural walnut wood veneer from Greenlam; Photographs by Sreenag Pictures
Flanked by a high breakfast counter supported on antique brass finished MS supports, the kitchen is a combination of black tinted glass, textured black granite and walnut wood veneer; Photographs by Sreenag Pictures
The bed back in this room flaunts a customised panelled head board in suede fabric. The wall print extends to the wardrobe shutters, enlarging the otherwise compact room; Photographs by Sreenag Pictures
The kids' bedroom is strong on graphics with a functional study and storage unit; Photographs by Sreenag Pictures
One of the walls in the children's bedroom is intentionally kept in white print for the kids to scribble and doodle on; Photographs by Sreenag Pictures

Conceptualised by Ashwath Narayanan and Divya Khullar of Chennai based 1405 Design Studio, this home tells a tale of bold design, beautiful colours and champion prints. “The task at hand was to achieve a space that was fresh and plush in its visual while being open and unrestricted in its function—setting a highly dramatic and alluring mood,” explains Narayanan.

The designer duo have taken a bold yet balanced approach when it comes to the colour palette. Khullar says, “The intention was always to go bold but not at the expense of being outlandish. Context, space and the user determined our selection of prints. The colours used in each space are derivative of that one thought and in our case, the ‘hero’ print is what ties together every element in the home.”

A three-sided open layout of this apartment ensures natural light floods in. While every house has to feel like a home, a roomy one has more chances of tugging at the right strings. “We figured that with just the use of right materials, a few elements and some good old tricks, one could create the illusion of expanse and spatial volume, making the most of the shell. And so, we zeroed in on just two elements—prints and panels,” adds Khullar.

This nook in the living room features a lone seater with opulent lights and a planter set against a solid wood backdrop from Greenlam; Photographs by Sreenag Pictures

Using a subtle shell, bold in-fills and an assortment of textures, art prints and accessories, the designers crafted every surface to be seamless with minimal accents. While the prelude of this story tells us about the shell, the first chapter begins at the main door, which opens to the longest plane of the abode—the living wall—and is the backdrop of the living room. A corridor is visually widened with bevelled bronze mirror panels, while a continuous wood ledge doubles up as a breakfast counter.

A view from the foyer of the living room reveals a vibrant red couch; Photographs by Sreenag Pictures

As we delve deeper into the story, we’re captivated by the curated prints framed in antique brass on the living room wall. The prints perfectly complement a bright red velvet couch, matching drapes and embroidered throw cushions. The entire space is decorated with loose textured tables in antique brass and copper finish, leather chairs and a marble patterned carpet—all of which are accentuated by opulent brass and glass chandeliers.

Green furnishings and beige tones cloak this bedroom; Photographs by Sreenag Pictures

The dining room features a ritzy quilted bench and amber prints against a royal blue backdrop. Adorned with a crystal glass chandelier, this space is positioned against a white shell and feels like a lounge. The foyer further leads us into the open kitchen which features a combination of black tinted glass and walnut wood.

The aubergine hued master suite features bold accents and prints with dainty lights; Photographs by Sreenag Pictures

Solid wood panelling in the living area continues in the bedrooms, each of which is rendered in response to the light conditions with a bouquet of prints and patterns. The guest room is done up in tones of beige and brown with olive green furnishings. Here, the wallpaper extends from the bed’s back wall to the wardrobe shutters, while textured beige drapes and bed linens create a cosy cocoon.

The kids’ bedroom features a royal blue bed back with grey and black accents on the wall; Photographs by Sreenag Pictures

In complete contrast, the master suite is dramatic with an enigmatic print on the main wall. The space is cloaked in deep hues, accented with aubergine furnishing, bronze mirror surfaces and hints of antique brass and walnut accents, giving the room a palatial atmosphere. On the other hand, the kids’ bedroom is graphics. The bathroom is wrapped in an urbanscape print, while one wall of the room is rendered white, which allows the children to doodle and scribble on it. 

“This apartment is all about continuous lines and surfaces that create an uninterrupted visual flow and aid in the spatial expanse. While the prints have played a defining role, everything else complements the prints and cohesively brings the story alive,” concludes Narayanan.