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Ashiesh Shah’s workspace is as imaginative as his creations

FEB 13, 2017 | By Chandni Sehgal
Balloons in hand, giving the camera an animated expression, while enthusiastically chatting – effervescent and evolving is my impression of architect Ashiesh Shah…a vibe that extends to his South Mumbai office. Initially a dentistry student as it “seemed like a stable profession”, it was when he aced his architecture entrance exam that he leapt into the design world. The Academy of Architecture graduate, art collector and founder of Ashiesh Shah Architecture +Design, shares his space story with us…
While describing his office he reveals, “I chanced upon this ground floor, home property (in Tardeo) and maybe it was the ceiling height, outdoor space, immense volume or energy…it just felt right. It encourages camaraderie, possibly because of that volume…as even with 10 people in the room, you don’t feel claustrophobic. Design wise, at first it was dark, and while my cabin remains the same, we redid the outside to be white and bright. Now, it’s Yin and Yang, reflecting the diversity of my practice – we never do the same style of projects twice.”
The interiors of his workspace are brim with artworks. “I’m very passionate about collecting art, and in my cabin, I have an Atul Dodiya (pictured left) that reflects the way I think. I feel that the message should continue to be more important than the medium and in the same way that Gandhi’s words are relevant today without him being present, I feel the work that we do should speak for itself,” he adds.
His typical workday involves waking up, working out, getting ready, praying, do meetings before getting to work by at least 2 pm to hang out with his designers and track project progress. Then, more client meetings! “While I design at home, I tend to wrap up here by 7 pm because I need to do other things. I want a life and don’t want to feel caged by my work: Because I’m the kind that always wants to learn more, whether it is the performance art of Poi or making toys from balloons,” he concludes.
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