Arcgency uses old shipping containers to build portable co-working spaces

JUL 17, 2017 | By Nishita Fiji
L-R: Apart from separate workstations, there are cubicles that can be used as meeting rooms
Photographs courtesy Arcgency; The space is awashed in ample sunlight and offers scenic views of the harbour; The facade of the structure.

In the Northern Harbour of Copenhagen, decrepit factories, loading piers and port terminals are vacating to make room for development. As these regions lay barren waiting for urbanity to take over, Danish architecture company Arcgency saw a promising opportunity. They created Stack I and II, both temporary edifices made from old shipping containers that serve as co-working spaces for professionals. The buildings are three levels high with insulated panels that encapsulate all sides to form an airtight shell, which is crucial for minimising heat loss, ideal for extreme cold climates in Scandinavia.

Constructed as a modular system, it is easy to assemble and the raw structure can be set up in just one week. On the other hand, it can also be dismantled and transported to another location when required. “In 80 years or so, when it has finished its roll as a moving commercial space, the components can be taken apart and reused,” states Simon Vinzent, co-founder of the firm. “The mantra is to keep easy dissembly in mind, using materials that can later be recycled.”
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