Anjali Rawat brings to life the modern-day IKEA dream in the interiors of this Mumbai apartment

OCT 10, 2020 | By Sakshi Rai
This comfy blue sofa from IKEA is offset by muted pink armchairs and cushions. A cane lamp in the corner adds to the elegant ambience; Photographs by Subhash Patil
Fluted wood cladding, concrete walls and white floors are examples of surfaces that win you over with their simplicity; Photographs by Subhash Patil
The interconnected living and dining areas feature pops of nature with the help of potted greens and tropical artworks; Photographs by Subhash Patil
A wood and grey console is spotted on one end of the dining setup and continues along the corridor that leads to the bedrooms; Photographs by Subhash Patil
Compact storage and a full-length mirror enhance the overall area in the parents' room; Photographs by Subhash Patil
Shuttered windows and mesh bedside tables bring an old-world charm into the master bedroom; Photographs by Subhash Patil

While IKEA’s classic and contemporary styled products have uplifted many interior spaces, a home completely tailored with its furniture seems a tad far fetched. In fact, the closest anyone has probably got to living inside an IKEA store would be the cast of 2009 comedy web series Ikea Heights

But Mumbai based Anjali Rawat and her multidisciplinary firm Anjali Rawat Architects made this a reality in this chic apartment in Lodha Parkside, Worli. The practice realised the homeowners’ penchant for minimalistic spaces with Scandinavian design influences by choosing decor inspired and sourced from the Swedish furniture giant.

The nearly 1,100 sq ft residence was designed for a young couple and their parents. Keeping in mind their busy lifestyles, the creatives wanted to ensure that the space was warm and welcoming. Neutral and pastel hues, ample daylight and well-ventilated interiors helped shape this elegant yet comfortable cove.

A round, wood rimmed mirror and ceramic vase are seen above this shoe cabinet near the entrance; Photographs by Subhash Patil

“We like to craft seamless, human centric spaces that are enhanced by clean, tailored lines and an interplay of materials. For this project too, our aim was to realise a home that’s timeless, functional and versatile,” shares Anjali Rawat, founder of the studio.

Striped and concentric lines—seen on the wall-mounted artworks, floor covering and even a table vase—set the tone for a minimal aesthetic; Photographs by Subhash Patil

A circular, wood framed console mirror positioned above a white shoe cabinet is placed at the entrance. It contrasts against the dark concrete finished walls that usher one in. The grey surfaces continue inside, leading to the elegant living area. 

Plush grey seaters flank the sleek dining table; Photographs by Subhash Patil

Here, a pastel sofa, pair of chairs and a solitary pouffe provide comfortable seating room around a ebony-hued coffee table. We love the play of monochromatic stripes seen in the flooring, wooden wall cladding and artworks, as well as the natural tones brought in by tropical settings in the corners.

A door features an abstract art with two faces disguised in a single frame; Photographs by Subhash Patil

“Scandinavian furniture is ideal to infuse a touch of lavishness to interiors, while ensuring the decor isn’t over the top, which is why IKEA became our first and final destination for most of the furnishings,” adds Rawat.

The bright yellow wall accessory, bedside planters, pendant lamp and botanical printed cushion add colour in the otherwise pristine master bedroom; Photographs by Subhash Patil 

The living area flows onto the dining room, where a stylish black table is surrounded by cushy grey chairs with sleek frames. On the adjoining wall are a set of four botanical artworks. These borrow hues from the many indoor plants and enliven the classy interiors further.

This modular console offers open and concealed storage in the corridor; Photographs by Subhash Patil

Each bedroom features tasteful furnishings and decor, perfectly aligned to match the personalities of those occupying them. A round yellow disk, linear lighting and a lone pendant lamp are some of the statement pieces set against a concrete facing wall in the master chamber. The storage facilities including streamlined wardrobes and vintage textured side tables in earthy hues, curated to match an understated aesthetic.

The parents’ room is cloaked in a soft blue shade and features artworks and artefacts; Photographs by Subhash Patil

For the parents room, the creatives added freshness to the space with subtle elements such as soft blue walls, patterned linens and upholstery, a singular wall shelf overhead for framed artworks and artefacts, and an attractive table lamp that’s sure to catch your eye.

A vintage-styled bedside table and a wooden tray make room for indoor plants; Photographs by Subhash Patil

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