Ancerl Studio charms us with a contemporary abode, where the view becomes the hero!

NOV 5, 2020 | By Vedika Nair
The living room hosts a comfortable cream couch with expansive windows that give us a view of the verdure; Photographs by Maxime Bocken
(L-R) A custom fireplace divides the living and dining zones; Decor pieces and an Andy Warhol tome on the coffee table; A slim console is placed against the limestone wall; Photographs by Maxime Bocken
(L-R) Detail of the living room couch; View of the breakfast nook from the seating arrangement; Captivating charcoal vases are placed on a muted coffee table; Photographs by Maxime Bocken

What captivated Nicholas Ancerl, principal designer of Ancerl Studio, while fashioning Parkwood 8 was its awe-worthy view. So, he ensured that the surroundings became the home’s focal point. A big believer in creating spaces with cubic footage and 3D renders in mind, Ancerl’s philosophy was to design a home where everyone could enjoy the experience of a space. 

Nestled in Toronto’s affluent Forest Hill neighbourhood, the 2,500 sq ft home is an ode to spatial planning, neutral themes, monochrome hues and the wabi sabi aesthetic. Breaking away from the trend of open concept living, the designer conceptualised vertical elements throughout the home to create an intriguing yet easy navigation.

Limestone walls accompany visitors who ascend into the abode, where a glimpse of the stairs appears through the peek-a-boo glass windows. Here, the foyer reveals a melange of design details, once again creating a sense of mystery. 

The Forest Hill home features a contemporary limestone, wood and glass facade; Photographs by Maxime Bocken

Around the corner is the powder room, a visual shield of sorts, which guides us to the opulent dining space that is enveloped by the stairs. A magnificent chandelier pierces through the void of the stairway and illuminates the area.

An elegant and dainty chandelier illuminates the open dining space; Photographs by Maxime Bocken

“The large central opening in the dining room is a perfect example of our design philosophy,” says Ancerl. “We believe in using natural and authentic materials, and creating interest with texture and contrast to best complement the homes as well as to really enhance their key features.”

A bold dining table is placed near pearl white walls; Photographs by Maxime Bocken

We’re greeted by a long, custom vertical plane-turned-fireplace that is accessible from the living and dining areas, while this partial barrier also gives us a peek into the space beyond. Walking around the fireplace, we step into the open family room that is complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and an expansive view of the outdoors.

The home’s breakfast nook exudes a comfortable atmosphere with beige schemes; Photographs by Maxime Bocken

What we love about this uber-chic home is that every corner brings in a ray of sunshine! The home’s panoramic windows allow for abundant natural light which is perfect for someone who enjoys the #goldenhour.

A beam of sunlight seeps in through the expansive window; Photographs by Maxime Bocken

The last vertical plane in the abode sits on the main floor, separating the kitchen from the living and dining space. With three entry points to this wall from the adjoining rooms, we’re released into the open kitchen, breakfast room and scotch lounge. “The kitchen was a lot of fun to design because of the interesting materials it allowed for—we handpicked the reclaimed wood beams, climbing stacks of them to find just the right ones,” shares Ancerl. 

The second-floor library accommodates artworks, books and ample artefacts; Photographs by Maxime Bocken

The stair rail features become the home’s strongest aesthetic, linking the environs. One can access the inbuilt library on the second floor, and also enjoy a stunning view of the open dining room and dramatic skylight above. This level houses a set of rooms including an office, master bedroom and shared bathroom. 

The master bath is left subtle with light grey hues and a classic bathtub; Photographs by Maxime Bocken

The master bedroom is equipped with a walk-in wardrobe, an ensuite bathroom and vast windows that allow for stunning views. “We really wanted to let the home’s architectural details as well as the outdoor views remain the prime focus in the space, so all the materials were selected to complement those elements, rather than distract from them,” concludes Ancerl.