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Aman Khanna: Artist we love

OCT 15, 2015 | By Jaina Chandwany

Clay and expressions take meaningful form and function in Delhi based graphics guru, Aman Khanna’s Claymen object series, which was recently showcased at Bungalow 8, Mumbai. Having mastered the world of technology, he puts another feather in his cap as he now experiments with objects in clay while modestly calling himself a “kid at play”.
Sitting by the kiln has to be the most thrilling experience for him, as each of his moulds transform into pieces of art under varying degrees of fire and oxygen. So, what does he get from hours of passionate experimentation? An organic looking and sophisticated tableware collection, glazed in gradients of greys, azure, blacks and browns in perfectly abstract silhouettes.
But does he stop just at that? Certainly not. Incorporating his knack for visual storytelling, he expands the series a step further with a range of dysfunctional hand sculpted stoneware clay objects that portray his idiosyncratic musings of the world. Believing in simple forms of expression, he quips, “Faces are literally everything,” and he translates them into contemporary sculptures that make compelling statements about social problems and dilemmas faced by the common man.
Clarifying the concept, he explains that his range depicting facial expressions are actually “mirrors made of clay.” Staring right back at us in a cynical and emotive manner these “clay men” are meant to reflect, question and elicit an awareness of others and our place in the world. “The series is open to interpretation,” adds Aman. “You look at it and it gives you a whole idea of what you are doing with your life and how you are treating others around you. Although each object looks cute, they all have a serious message.”