Ali Baldiwala blends Japanese and Scandinavian influences that are a world apart for this new South Mumbai home

OCT 4, 2020 | By Sakshi Rai
A large, monochrome painting by Sudhir Talmale from Studio 3 India hangs above the grey sofas; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala
Wood and marble surfaces, minimal artworks and pale hues make a pleasing dining area; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala
An oversized mirror with a black, metallic border creates an optical illusion of space in the master bedroom; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala

Bringing a refreshingly new blend of cultures and styles to South Mumbai is interior designer Ali Baldiwala of the recently rebranded practice Baldiwala Edge. The project is christened Mysiga Homu—which literally translates to a cosy home in Swedish—and seamlessly blends wabi sabi aesthetic and hygge decor, characteristics native to Japanese and Scandinavian designs respectively.

This “Japandi” confluence is realised through pale hues, sleek silhouettes and wooden accents that smoothen the road for expansive, organised interiors, just as the homeowners envisioned. It is fascinating to just pause for a moment and appreciate the resultant harmonious composition, knowing that it has stemmed from vernacular designs that are from regions located far apart from each other.

“The homeowners wanted a sanctuary-like environment that was comfortable and employed organic textures, simple forms and clean lines,” explains Baldiwala. Natural, hand crafted artisanal pieces further add to the rustic, personalised narrative of the home, which is styled by Samir Wadekar. Other recurring elements that unify the abode include the simple yet striking white statuario marble tiles from Greece.

The living room features artworks by Arvind Sundar from Space 118 Studios and custom crafted seaters made by Baldiwala Edge; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala

An oak slatted door leads the way inside this lovely abode. Already reminiscent of the outdoors, one steps into a serene living area with a lived-in yet refined vibe. Capturing the true essence of Japandi decor, the interior designer chose to infuse the grey and blue hued space with a few statement accents rather than host a large cluster.

On the Red Blue Yellow centre table, a bonsai plant rests in a square cutout near a handmade, marble inlay tray by Rooshad Shroff; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala

A few examples include a pair of Paul Laszlo armchairs moulded using reclaimed Burma teak and cane, plush neutral toned sofas as well as a chic flutter light from Paul Matter with a burnt brass finish. These along with a wooden table from Red Blue Yellow and a blue aztec printed rug from Cottons and Satins bring unique tones and utilitarian qualities to the area.

Mater Design pendant lamps in varying sizes illuminate the dining table; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala

But, of course, the star of the living area is a Japanese styled oak swing, ideal to relax in, whose location is chosen to be in the path of ample breeze and daylight. Completing the quaint picture are a series of bold and abstract artworks by Sudhir Talmale from Studio 3 Art Gallery and Arvind Sundar from Space 118 Studios, among others.

A stylish clay vase from Defurn is placed atop the bespoke wood and marble dining table by Baldiwala Edge. On the wall is a Savia Mahajan artwork; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala

Also seen are Japanese-inspired, oak slatted panels and vertical screens that frame transitional pathways and act as inbuilt dividers. “We also took care to spruce the house with greens such as bonsai plants and pussy willows that add an inherent simplicity and reconnect the homeowners to nature,” shares Baldiwala.

Japanese-inspired, slatted wooden panels and partitions envelop many parts of Mysiga Homu; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala

The dining area is punctuated with light and dark wood accents such as Wood’n Design chairs made from reclaimed Burma teak surrounding a marble-topped table with a butterfly leg design. Terho lamps fashioned using linden wood alongside a hand blown grass shade by Mater Design shine overhead. This tranquil space, filled with natural and zen elements, adds equilibrium to the home.

The kitchen is clad in white statuario marble tiles and features black accent hardware; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala

Three minimal tones—provided by the oak laminate finish, black accent hardware and white statuario tiles—form the base for the design of the kitchen. The latter brings a distinct lightness to the modular setup and is ideal owing to its low maintenance features.

A vertical oak screen acts as a cantilevered dining sideboard, while also demarcating the living and dining zones; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala

Moving to the sun soaked master bedroom, the first thing that catches our eye is an oversized black-rimmed mirror that amplifies the inbuilt space as well as bespoke artworks. Sticking to the all-wood trail that continues across the home, this space too is decked with oak veneer, cane and timber furniture. One corner is occupied by an exquisite marble-topped table with black metallic legs.

Soothing shades are seen in the bed linen and rug by Sarita Handa and What Larks Studio in the master bedroom; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala

The guest bedroom follows suit. Near the bed and side tables are an elegant wardrobe with black metal accents and handles along with grey, back-painted glass. Warm, earthy tones have been chosen for the upholstery, curtains and linens as well.

A large oak veneered wardrobe offers easy storage and houses artefacts from Defurn and Freedom Tree in the master bedroom; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala

The rustic rhythm and minimal appeal is spotted in the bathrooms too. A backlit, ambient mirror with a marble frame sets apart the white cloaked master bathroom, a cane laundry basket juxtaposed with gold Kohler fittings together hint at understated luxury in the guest unit.

Scroll below to see more images of the Japandi styled Mysiga Homu by Ali Baldiwala…

Positioned in one corner of the space, underneath a cane mirror, is a marble topped study desk with black metal legs; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala


White staturio marble surfaces are seen in the guest bathroom; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala


Close-up of the cane details and black hardware accents of the cabinets; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala


Paintings by Priyanka Shah frame the wall behind the bed in the guest suite. Also seen is a Studio 3 Gallery sculpture on the bedside table near Sarita Handa cushions and linens; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala


A piece of flora enhances the timber backdrop in this organic frame; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala


Neutral toned curtains and sheer fabrics from Cottons and Satins pair well with the muted wooden decor; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala


A simplistic, cane laundry basket and gold fittings from Kohler are spotted in the guest bathroom; Photographs by Talib Chitalwala

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