Adventurous Spirit: 6 essentials you must carry on your next camping trip

JUN 29, 2016 | By Tasneem Merchant
6. Frontus Airo by Kristof Retezar. 1. CampStove from BioLite. 4. Top of the Pops tent from Field Candy. 5. Lamzac Hangout by Marjin Oomen. 3. PowerLight from BioLite. 2. Little Flower sleeping bag from Kelty.
Don’t let the rains halt your parade. Use the calm weather to get in touch with your adventurous side. Escape to a hilly area or a secluded spot with scenic views and set up a camp for a trekking experience that will make you fall in love with the monsoons.
1. CampStove from BioLite
The brainwave of Alec Drummond and Jonathan Cedar, BioLite’s CampStove can make camping easy. This device uses biomass to generate smokeless fire so it can cook meals, boil water in minutes and generate two watts of electricity, enough to charge a smartphone. It also recycles leftover heat to create longer lasting fire.
2. Little Flower sleeping bag from Kelty
This product is sure to make your tiny tot a happy camper. The Little Flower sleeping bag by Colorado based company Kelty, is lined with warm CloudLoft insulating material that provides comfort in the outdoors, during summer as well as winter. You can choose to cuddle up inside or lay it out flat as it has an all-round zipper.
3. PowerLight from BioLite
Let the sun shine even at night. Power-Lite from BioLite is a multifunctional tool fuelled by solar energy. It functions as a lamp, torch and energy bank and is convenient to carry too. It has enough juice to charge three phones and comes equipped with a USB port, making it the perfect companion on dark camping nights.
4. Top of the Pops tent from Field Candy
UK based FieldCandy creates designer tents that are as big on functionality as they are on flash. Turn your backyard into a camping spot with one of their offbeat graphic play forts such as a block of cheese, pop prints or  even a time machine.
5. Lamzac Hangout by Marjin Oomen
A hiking trip, music festival or even at the park, carry your seat along with you. A portable and inflatable couch,Lamzac Hangout, created by engineer Marijn Oomen from Netherlands, has a unique mouth and an inner pouch that lets you fill it with air in a few seconds, just by a quick hand swaying movement. With a waterproof nylon outer layer, it can be used for any outdoor activity. Available in a variety of bright colours, it is easily deflatable and takes practically no storage space.
6. Frontus Airo by Kristof Retezar
Designer Kristof Retezar from Vienna has invented Frontus Airo, a self-filling bottle powered by solar cells and fitted with hydrophobic teeth that convert moisture into drinkable water when air passes through it. Funded by AWS, an Austrian bank, it is still awaiting patent. A crowdfunding campaign will soon be launched.
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