Adorned in unconventional style is this resplendent Mumbai home designed by Tejal Mathur Design

DEC 8, 2022 | By Akshay Bipin Luthiya
The dining area features bespoke tribal luminaire from Arjun Rathi, a dining table from The Quarry Gallery and Defurn dining chairs; Photography credits Photographix
The wall art from The Great Eastern Home, hanging lights and nightstand from Defurn and a West Elm armchair complements the palette of the master bedroom; Photography credits Photographix

“Intensity for me, is everything and the lyrical quality of a layered piece- no matter what genre it explores, must have its own rhythm that flows in the narrative with a hook to make it magical,” says Tejal Mathur

Principal Tejal Mathur of Tejal Mathur Design crafts this functional 4000 sq ft Mumbai home that combines present-age ergonomics and is called ‘The Luxe Forest’.

The living area with the Defurn coffee table and BoConcept tabletop decor asserts elegance; Photography credits Photographix

The curious brief

 “When ex-model and anchor Shonali Malhotra Soni approached me for her family home, the couple described to me that they wanted an upscale, more glam space with enough plushness without going over the top,” explains Tejal.

Adorned in shades of grey is the living area with a Defurn coffee table, BoConcept tabletop decor, and West Elm faux throw atop a Purple Patch Studio rug; Photography credits Photographix

Designed by giving equal importance to the daughters and the couple that loves to host social gatherings, a generous kitchen and a large bar were just about the mandates for a start. The Luxe Forest accommodates a living room, five bedrooms and corners rich in textures, addressing the owner’s personalities. 

Tour every turn of home

The family seating in the living room has a generous space and is cosied up with swivel armchairs and antiqued brass and black coffee tables. 

Moving ahead is a customised dining table in a dramatic black marble and arresting green and gold accents brought in by the dining chairs, side planters and a bespoke tribal-inspired luminaire by Arjun Rathi that is no less than an installation. 

The living area displays vintage collectables beside a frosted fluted glass that allows for gentle lights flow along with privacy; Photography credits Photographix

The indoor bar speaks of sophisticated spirit with bar bottle suspension and peripheral light bringing a surreal glow for that indulging evening with friends. The master bedroom is adorned with a disguised slider that leads one to the wardrobe and an open bathroom.

The informal lounge has a corner floor-to-ceiling case like a wardrobe. Adjacent is a Tranceforme rug below a custom sofa bed with a backdrop of industrial green panels; Photography credits Photographix

As we step ahead, the daughter’s room is ebullient and youthful with industrial green walls, a tan sofa that doubles as a bed along with a few vintage collectables, making it a fun spot.  The dresser mirror in one corner is adorned with a splash of colour giving off a feminine tone to the space.

Juggled with a modern sink-in-couch and tables by Defurn with cushions from Purple Patch Studio is the informal living area; Photography credits Photographix

“A pastry chef and the younger one an equestrian junkie had their basic wants and more importantly what they did not want. It was interesting to design two diverse looks for them. The older one was clear on a soft white and while I thought about the downside of the flatness, I worked on several options of using soft pastels instead with trimmings in white,” says Tejal. 

A green West Elm armchair on a striped white carpet with a small artwork from The Great Eastern Home complements the grey walls of the master bedroom; Photography credits Photographix

She further elaborates on the younger daughter’s room and says, “For the younger, sportier look, we stuck to a white brick wall she wanted and played with smarter greys and oaks and a pin-up cork board.” 

A room which incorporates guests and also can be used for yoga is conceptualised with a bespoke tropical wallpaper.

Talcum grey walls with gold trimming add a regal vibe to the daughter’s bedroom. Bed setting from Purple Patch Studio is covered with bed linen from IKEA; Photography credits Photographix

Ideas to bookmark

The scene-stealer is a mood board that is visualised with a full-bodied palette in deep coals and graphite for a sexy vibe that is equally calm by day and turns into a seductive cave by twilight.

Marble finish laminate forms the front of the double vanity counter at the master bathroom; Photography credits Photographix

What the designer fell in love with

Tejal concludes, “I love working on young people’s spaces as I feel they are true users of a space and the influence of the surrounding through their development leads to various degrees of adaptation that makes the room evolve over time. It would be easy to decode the daughters’ rooms, to me, were the highlight of my tenure on the project.”

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