Everyday escapes — ADND concocts The Nest clubhouse by Lodha Group and weaves a visual play between interiors and nature

APR 25, 2023 | By Suhaani Rai
The flooring makes fine dining casual and inviting. The locally manufactured lighting is like suspended metallic elements which add opulence to the whole room; Photographs by PHX India
The other side of the clubhouse is curved to be in line with the cricket ground that adds to the entertainment of the guests to sit back and relax whilst watching cricket; Photographs by PHX India
The auditorium was designed to be a cheerful space with a profusion of vibrant colours in the seating area, panelling and the carpet used. The entire space is muted with the grey walls and ceiling that binds the whole room together; Photographs by PHX India
The central court features an outdoor swimming pool and the existing trees. The right hand side of this space is the library lounge; Photographs by PHX India
The room is visually striking and spacious. The entire space is a representation of ‘being in the clouds’ with one end having a balloon like space. An interactive space for children to indulge in story telling sessions and have a fun time; Photographs by PHX India
A highly energetic space— the gym on the first floor gets ample natural light and is glazed to make it look lively; Photographs by PHX India

There is something very calming and cocooning about nature that whenever you want an escape from your mundane life, the generously lush surroundings is what we think of first. Anand Menon and Shobhan Kothari of ADND bring its patrons closer to nature, while serving function and intuitive design engulfed inside this expansive clubhouse dubbed ‘The Nest’.

Portrayed exactly as its name, The Nest spans approximately an area of 40,000 sq ft, stationed peacefully in Lodha Group’s new township project in Anjur, Bhiwandi, a locale on the outskirts of Mumbai.

The materials used in the reception area and the custom designed chandelier above the main desk exude luxury.  A strong geometric pattern is used in the flooring and the internal walls are clad in fluted marble; Photographs by PHX India

Rest in The Nest

A double-height curved canopy welcomes one to The Nest. The rotunda-like cylindrical reception is kept muted but complemented with materials that echo luxury. It envelopes two wings— left and right. The left wing encompasses an auditorium, a badminton court and a multipurpose court because of the additional height required for these amenities. The right wing features a banquet hall and fine dining. 

The unique library lounge is a space that acts like a bridge between the right and left wings. Mainly done in oak wood panelling and floors adds warmth. The ribbed ceiling reinforces the curved form of the space; Photographs by PHX India


A drop down in the floor level envelopes this space and keeps it away from the public eye; Photographs by PHX India

The restaurant was designed to be between fine dining and a cafe. The space has elements which add to the grandeur but is not overwhelming for the guest.  These spaces open out to verandahs which overlook the cricket ground. This project by Lodha Group had to embody a close connection with nature, hence verandahs help the guests to enjoy nature and give a sense of openness. On its first floor it has a gym and games room. 

Existing trees had to be meticulously incorporated, thus creating a central court and integrating a swimming pool and other facilities. 

This visually striking children’s area is designed based on the theme of ‘clouds.’ The ceiling makes one feel as if they are in the clouds and the hot air balloon space in one corner adds to the theme; Photographs by PHX India

The two wings are connected with a library lounge which is a unique bridge-like element. It is a casual space wherein one can hold informal meetings. Oak wood panelling and flooring is used to add warmth and casualness. The lighter tonality of the room allowed the designers to play around with the furniture pieces adding vibrancy to the room.

Pod-like spaces have been created for some one-on-one activity, A stepped-level difference in the lounge gives a sense of enclosure and makes it more private as compared to other areas.

The fine dining space is a blend of opulence and casual. The flooring is inviting and keeps it informal whilst the locally manufactured lighting adds a sense of luxury; Photographs by PHX India

The longer sides of this space are glazed and overlook the central courtyard, housing the swimming pool. The right wing accommodates an indoor swimming pool on the ground floor. One edge of it is glazed and has a lot of greenery which makes for a beautiful view for the guests. 

Pod-like spaces help guests to have time for browsing the internet, reading or simply working. The furniture pieces are copies of Italian products sourced locally; Photographs by PHX India

Muted tones are the new luxury

The designers have kept the entire clubhouse extremely neutral and soft. “We strongly believe as a practice that design should have a sense of simplicity and should be timeless. We do strive for a minimalistic approach, where spaces seamlessly blend with each other. The entire clubhouse is representative of that. While the architecture is kept minimalistic, the interiors are in line with the function of the space,” divulge the designers. 

The shaded veranda aligns itself along the curved cricket ground which gives a sense of openness to the user while they enjoy the cricket matches; Photographs by PHX India

The designers have used beige walls with patterns on them to create a visual appeal. GRP screens, in a molecular leaf shape, are used as a sun barrier and create interesting shadows on the corridor. By keeping the space muted and neutral, there was a lot of scope for the designers to use lively elements which would make the interiors interesting and harmonise with nature. The Nest has an understated luxurious appeal and functional spaces which enhance the experience of the user helping them to have more quiet time. 

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