Age of couture: Adityavardhan atelier in Mumbai basks in minimal regality, courtesy Shiraz Jamali Architects and FN Design Studio

MAY 31, 2024 | By Pratishtha Rana
Styling by Ria Panjabi, Photography by Phosart Studio

Amidst its glorious history and the stately architectural facades, Kala Ghoda on the far south of Mumbai continues to exist as a neighbourhood on the threshold of old and new. Its evolution is exciting, at the forefront of which stands the boom of design and fashion stores. All have one thing in common — their artisanal flavour is truly cultivated in India. And the newest menswear store Adityavardhan reveals so, with its interiors designed by Shiraz Jamali Architects and FN Design Studio

Understated luxury and diligent craftsmanship at the core of it, the store basks in gentle splashes of muted colours and warm materiality. 

Inside Adityavardhan store, one sees a concrete coffee table by West Elm, rug by Cocoon Fine Rugs accompanied with custom-made furniture; Styling by Ria Panjabi, Photography by Phosart Studio


Photography by Phosart Studio

Couture, crafts and identity 

“A challenge we were excited to undertake were the arches. We took inspiration from the historical windows, curating an inviting space and incorporating an arched wall seamlessly into the design while maintaining its grandeur,” Farheen Nanji and Mammen Paul express. Co-existing with intricate embroideries, tailored drapes and sedulous fits resting on the couture moodboard, the interiors address an important probe — how does minimalism find its identity in the otherwise grand and heritage locale of Kala Ghoda.

Photography by Phosart Studio


Photography by Phosart Studio

“Adityavardhan envisioned his store as minimal yet impactful embedded with charm and statement features. Clean lines, muted colours and subtle elegance were to define the atmosphere, allowing his meticulously crafted garments to shine,” reveal Farheen and Mammen, who worked with project architect Mohit Darji.

Inside the store

Spanning about a 500 sq ft, the double-height space opens up with an oversized arched door leading the eyes first to yet another arched wall inscribed with the Adityavardhan logo. Surprisingly spellbinding are the tone on tone surface finishes like the warm concrete flooring paired with similar hued furniture pieces, painting an indelible visual narrative for the senses. 

The central seating space is framed by intricately designed fabrics and delicate embossed details on the walls. “The backdrop to the whole store are the classical arched windows featuring a pedestal for the designers mannequins,” say Farheen and Mammen. 

Photography by Phosart Studio


Signage by Marcon Signages; Photography by Phosart Studio

And that’s not all. Following the curvy contours, the changing room is dressed in suspended linen curtains, gazing adjacently at the lush balcony. “Strategic lighting and carefully curated furniture were desired features for the designer to enhance the modern aesthetic of the space. It reflects Adityavardhan’s refined taste and the ethos of craftsmanship and luxury,” divulges the creative duo who collaborated to bring about a resplendent balance of function and finesse.

Guided by the principles of minimalism and rewarded by the beauty of details, Adityavardhan atelier treads a certain global vivacity — all while cradling Indian menswear exemplary of karigari.

Photography by Phosart Studio


Photography by Phosart Studio

Farheen Nanji is the co-founder at FN Design Studio alongside Naazish Nanji Reshamwala. While Mammen Paul is the Associate Architect at Shiraz Jamali Architects with Principal Architect and Founder Shiraz Jamali.