Aditi Sharma Design Studio creates a brilliant juxtaposition of neutrals and bold hues in a Gurgaon home

OCT 3, 2023 | By Tamanna Doctor
The dining area features a solid wood dining table from Solid Bench, dining chairs and console from DeMuro Das, bar from K2India, and rug from HummingHaus; Photography by Ishita Sitwala
With a wooden dining table from Solid Bench, leather dining chairs and drawing room furniture from DeMuro Das, art by Jagdish Swaminathan and Yamini Mohan and lights from Flos and Paul Matter, the room possesses an understated elegance; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

“Art is the greatest form of hope” – Banksy. This home, decked with an alluring art collection, is crafted by Aditi Sharma, the principal designer of her namesake practice Aditi Sharma Design Studio. This 4,000 sq ft home in Gurgaon exudes a modern touch with minimal design sensibilities.

The discussions that took place with the homeowners were reasonably straightforward, short and crisp, they wanted their space to give importance to the art collection they possessed. 

With a neutral palette, the colour-abundant art takes centre stage in this spectacular home. “ One should relate to everything that their space holds – art, furniture, textiles,” explains Aditi. 

With a terrazzo table from Parkman Design and pre-owned navy sofa in the living area, the M. F. Husain lights up the entire space; Photography by Ishita Sitwala


With side tables from BoConcept and Iqrup + Ritz, one can see the mustard M. F. Husain here, rugs from Jaipur Rugs and Parentisi light from Flos; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Tour every turn of the home 

Entering the home overlooking a gigantic golf course, a long passageway leads to the common area. It consists of the living area and the dining area without any visible segregation. 

The living area is adorned with stellar artwork that brings a spark to the room. To not disrupt the visual impact of the artworks, an end-to-end corten steel panel was installed.

With dark undertones, the dining area uses various materials like boucle, corten steel, chiselled teak wood, solid walnut wood, leather, and jute to name a few. 

The dining area features a custom-made foldable screen, art by Jamil Naqsh and lights from Flos; Photography by Ishita Sitwala


The drawing area features side tables by BoConcept and Iqrup + Ritz and rug from HummingHaus; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

The rich navy sofa in the family lounge is anchored by the mustard M. F. Husain painting. The area was designed keeping two functions in mind — to let the family unwind and to host cosy informal dinners.

An abundance of natural light enters the quaint study room which possesses custom-made shelves and a remarkable asymmetric table. 

The two bedrooms are designed with a stark difference. The master bedroom is the epitome of minimal design with white fluttering to provide texture to the room. 

The guest bedroom is tropical-themed with a rattan bed that was previously owned by the homeowners themselves. 

Ingenious art by Rabin Mondal adorns the passageway; Photography by Ishita Sitwala


With the bed and sofa from DeMuro Das, the master bedroom possesses a rug from Jaipur Rugs, soft furnishings from Sarita Handa and lights from Olie Lighting; Photography by Ishita Sitwala


The minimal study has study tables from Iqrup + Ritz, chairs from Phantom Hands, rug from Jaipur Rugs and lights from Flos; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Ideas to bookmark 

This home is an ode to craftsmanship all around. Letting the art shine for itself, the home possesses a clever neutral palette incorporating different textures within to provide versatility without stealing the spotlight from the art itself.