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Aanchal Goel and Sugandh Kumar: Name to know

MAR 4, 2016 | By Jaina Chandwany

It was a leap of faith for creatives Aanchal Goel and Sugandh Kumar who quit their nine to five jobs to start their own design brand Objectry. Their first collection titled “Exploration 1” is a range of small wooden accessories and objects that are minimalistic in aesthetic. From desk trays and clocks to coasters and chopping boards, each product reflects their persistent curiosity and experimenting nature with timber that has resulted in cutting edge shapes and forms.
Talking about their unique brand name, Aanchal clarifies, “Just like the art of making pots is pottery and the art of mixing chemicals is chemistry, similarly, we came up with Objectry – the art of making three dimensional objects.”
The duo are all for “happy accidents” that happen in their workspace where they constantly go back and forth over their sketching, designing and prototyping. One such piece – the staircase coaster – was a result of pure experimentation making it her favourite accent ever since.
With a passion for pottery and all things art, Aanchal and Sugandh have also derived their fair share of inspiration from legendary designers from around the world. Their Parallel Lines Coaster is a unique example that takes cues from American artist Sol LeWitt where simple “horizontal and diagonal lines come together in a beautiful placement”. But they also find a way to make it their own. “We did grooves instead of flat lines on the coaster so that the glass doesn’t stick to the coaster”.
While their hands are full with exhibitions and new product development, the pair aims to maintain aesthetic levels that are functional, visual and a little “weird”.
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