Now playing, Beige Noir: This Rajkot home by Intrinsic Designs reinterprets culture and minimalism

APR 8, 2024 | By Aanya Jain
With a floor from Nexion, the lounge beckons with bespoke seating arrangements. A sectional sofa and a statement armchair, both upholstered in boucle fabric make the space snug yet elegant; Photography by Suleiman Merchant
Curtains from TPC Home let in soft light that plays on the D’Modes sofa. Wall pieces from Jain Handicrafts complete the space, contrasting with the lighter tones; Photography by Suleiman Merchant
In the lounge, a rug from Fazo Project sits beneath a coffee table from D’Modes. The swing was designed in collaboration with Intrinsic Designs and Lenth Breadth Height, forming the focal point of the space; Photography by Suleiman Merchant
The kitchen is fitted out by Prato Kitchens and brings together aesthetics with functionality, balancing the light tones in the rest of the home; Photography by Suleiman Merchant

Crowned by traditional Rajput elements, this Rajkot apartment is quiet luxury personified. A creative expression of Intrinsic Designs, the 2,550sq ft apartment brings together heritage with the modern idea of minimalism.

“The design of the apartment came to life after detailed conversations with the clients, who had specific ideas and cultural elements they wanted to include. From the beginning, it was clear that the colour beige was very important to them,” explain Shruti Malani and Shivraj Patel, the principal architects. The use of beige wasn’t only on a surface level, rather it is something that is a part of the family’s lifestyle. The apartment reflects their heritage, including artisanal and cultural elements, leading to a design that is both modern, rich and meaningful.

Intrinsic Designs
A soft light plays on the D’Modes sofa. Wall pieces from Jain Handicrafts complete the space, contrasting with the lighter tones; Photography by Suleiman Merchant


Intrinsic Designs
Dining chairs from D’Modes sit below a pendant light. On the living room wall and dining area console are artefacts from Jain Handicrafts; Photography by Suleiman Merchant

The noir culture  

Rightfully named Beige Noir, the home follows a theme of light and dark tones. When the homeowners made their strong preference for the colour beige known, the design team strategically introduced black wood and dark elements to enhance the aesthetic and introduce warmth. Beige as the primary colour not only establishes a calm and soothing backdrop but also serves as a canvas, accentuating the richness of the darker tones.

Intrinsic Designs
The entryway looks onto the parents’ room with a monolithic marble pedestal. The lime plaster and microtopping done on the walls by Ochrust and the flooring was done by Nexion; Photography by Suleiman Merchant


Intrinsic Designs
In the parents’ bedroom, comfort and sophistication come together with furniture from D’Modes and curtains from TPC Home. The lime plaster and micro-topping was done on the walls by Ochrust, and the flooring by Nexion; Photography by Suleiman Merchant

As one steps into the 11 ft tall entry, an enchanting interplay of light and texture takes over, with the lime-washed walls and ceilings around. While the choice of materials seems obvious, the decision wasn’t just cosmetic. The use of lime plaster ensures that the home stays cool during the scorching Gujarat summers. The home further unfolds towards the lounge where marble, granite and walnut veneer further elevate the sophistication. The use of boucle fabric for upholstery and soft furnishings introduces a tactile element. The dining area is rich with a dark dining table and chairs. A small niche veiled by metal mesh curtains acts as a pooja space. This intimate space preserves the sanctity of the rituals while seamlessly blending with the overall design.

Intrinsic Designs
This dressing area isn’t the typical mirror with a rectangular unit—veneer from Deco Wood takes a curved shape, adding character to the space; Photography by Suleiman Merchant


Intrinsic Designs
A curved edge to the wardrobes helps the room soften. The wardrobe was done with veneer from Deco Wood; Photography by Suleiman Merchant

On to the bedrooms, the Beige Noir theme continues. By prioritising elements that have personal significance to the family, the design achieves a balance between aesthetics, functionality and emotional engagement. The deliberate use of materials and colours reflects a deep understanding of the family’s desires and engages with the concept of minimalism distinctly, stepping away from conventional interpretations that equate minimalism with sparse furnishings and a restrained palette. Intrinsic Designs’ approach to minimalism prioritises the integration of elements that are not only essential but also deeply cherished by the residents.

Intrinsic Designs
The daughters’ bedroom is dressed with dark-toned sheets from TPC Home. Beige wall finish by Ochrust and coves in the wall serve as an ideal canvas for the artefacts; Photography by Suleiman Merchant


Intrinsic Designs
A juxtaposition of curves and linearity frames this entryway. On the shelves are artefacts sourced from Jain Handicrafts; Photography by Suleiman Merchant

Carefully crafted

“Our philosophy at Intrinsic Designs centres around crafting spaces that prioritise the needs and desires of the user, setting aside the designer’s personal biases. The entire house stands as a testament to our approach, showcasing our ability to harmonise the clients’ preferences with our design principles,” sign off Shruti and Shivraj.

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