A spotlight in every room— this 3,500 sq.ft. home in Bengaluru designed by A Sketch is a combination of rustic essences with contemporary elements

FEB 14, 2023 | By Tamanna Doctor
The living room features a three piece lighting fixture with colourful discs from Lumin-essence, dark toned couches from Baxter, stone flooring sourced from Marble Centre International and wall finishes in Limocoat; Photography by Nayan Soni
With artwork by Parbbonni Bhowmik, the master bedroom houses a centre table from Sticks Shopcrafted and fabrics from Sha Surajmull Magaraj & Co. ; Photography by Nayan Soni

“A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect,” said author Jonathan Lockwood Huie. Designed by Principal Architect Maya Nair of A Sketch, this Bengaluru home is a gift from a loving father to his son. 

The rustic essence of the colour palette along with avant garde elements tie in this 3,500 sq ft apartment home together. 

The dining room has a beautiful stone flooring by Marble Centre International which sets the tone for the dining table and chairs, adorned even further with lighting fixtures by Lumin-Essence and artefacts from Curio Casa, Bangalore. The beautiful art piece of lime plaster and acrylic colours is by artist Kiseki Beetle; Photography by Nayan Soni

The curious brief

Since the home was a gift to the owner’s son, he had clear intentions of making the place ultra luxurious, classy and bespoke. 

The design philosophy behind the home was clear, to create a relaxing atmosphere. Maya ensured that each space has a dramatic element that is emphasised by softening the intensity of the surrounding components. 

Housing the wicker accent armchair and teapoy and artefacts vases from Sticks Shopcrafted is the family nook which makes the family comfortable with the sofa from Hugsofa. The concrete finish flooring by Rangoli Marketing Company makes the room come together; Photography by Nayan Soni

Tour the home 

Entering the apartment, a palette of blues and pinks against a comprehensive backdrop of grey demarcate the spaces. The foyer opens up to living and dining spaces on either side with glimpses of entertainment nook. With tones of blue, grey spread across the living room, the wavy wooden console stands out. 

The perfectly set informal living room has wooden side and centre tables by Sticks Shopcrafted, a brilliant blue sofa custom-made by Hugsofa, the stone flooring and cladding sourced from Marble Centre International. The wardrobe is custom-made to match with the theme by Swan Interiors, above which is the ceiling painted with a shade of Limocoat; Photography by Nayan Soni

Adorned with stately accessories, the dining area has plush pink chairs with a clear glass top table perfect for comfy family dinners. A unique asymmetric artefact hangs up against the wall acting as a bespoke backdrop. To add to the theatrics of the space, a three piece eccentric chandelier against a grid ceiling above the dining table, renders a play of geometries. 

The corridor is a sight to behold with a sculpture custom-made by artist Kiseki Beetle, merging well with ceiling paint in a shade by Limocoat, lighting fixtures by Lumin-Essence and marble flooring by Marble Centre International Bangalore; Photography by Nayan Soni

Perfect to unwind in, the entertainment nook is decked in playful shades of pink and grey to follow the theme and snuggle on the couch with a cup of coffee for hours. 

Inspired by a jewel box, the pooja room possesses silver leafings with a gold tint and sheer panels to soften the harshness of the structure. 

With the backdrop against the bed made up of tiles from Ceramique, the elegant bedroom has intricate wallpaper on the ceilings, fabrics from Sha Surajmull Magaraj & Co. and a fan from  ; Photography by Nayan Soni

Split by a corridor, the bedrooms are present on either side of it. Each bedroom, adorned with natural stones, has the spark of its occupants. Made with a mix of AAC block and lime plaster, the custom made sculpture at the end of the corridor was commissioned to the artist Kiseki Beetle from Mumbai. 

Ideas to bookmark

The recurring theme of having a spotlight shine on a particular element in every space adds theatrics to the entire home. “Every space had to have a dramatic spot, we ensured this by toning down the surrounding spaces by selectively going for subtle shade and textures.” concludes Maya Nair

With artwork by Parbbonni Bhowmik, the master bedroom houses a centre table from Sticks Shopcrafted and fabrics from Sha Surajmull Magaraj & Co. ; Photography by Nayan Soni

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