The Summer Haus in Mumbai by Anjali Mody and The Architecture Company is a Parisian Brooklyn escape

MAY 28, 2024 | By Ankita Rathod
The transition to the informal living spaces, through a sliding partition, unfolds at the dining area with floor tiles from Ambrosia. With a Josmo coffee table, chair by A Wooden Story and carpet from Jaipur Rugs, the informal living area takes on the role of a cosy retreat; Photography by Pankaj Anand
The formal living room with flooring from Magalogue beckons a lingering gaze with its play of colour and patterns, further adorned with sunlight as it paints the space with vibrant streaks of light. A console by This and That adds elegance which contrasts beautifully with Harshita Jhamtani’s floor lamp. Sofa and chairs from A Wooden Story complement coffee table by Alankaram; Photography by Pankaj Anand
A Josmo coffee table, Jaipur Rugs carpet, A Wooden Story lounge chair, and Objects of Interest chandelier create an inviting ambiance illuminated by Kaleido wall lights in the informal living room; Photography by Pankaj Anand
In the vibrant kids’ bedroom, where yellow reigns playfully amidst artefacts and a Kalakaari Haath wallpaper, a Wooden Story bed on a Josmo carpet, Iqrup+Ritz side tables, The White Teak Company table lamps and Harshita Jhamtani wall lamps enliven the space; Photography by Pankaj Anand

Nestled within an urban jungle, a quaint yet unmissable bungalow exists. Exuding architectural styles ordained to emulate the plush sophistication of a warm Parisian home, it melds seamlessly with the bold vibrancy of a bustling Brooklyn brownstone.

Owned by Mumbai-based filmmakers Gayatri and Siddharth Tewary, this two-storey residence is nothing short of exemplary despite its modest plot size of 3,200 sq ft and compact floor plate of 1,720 sq ft. It admirably reaches skyward in a Tetris-like formation, encompassing a mere 2,800 sq ft of carpet area — embodying the collaborative efforts of interior designer Anjali Mody of Josmo and The Architecture Company (TAC).

With a seamless transition of materials and tones, and sofas by A Wooden Story, the formal living room is resplendent in a customised carpet by Fazo Project for Josmo, a Harshita Jhamtani floor lamp, Alankaram coffee table, Kaleido wall lights and a Shailesh Rajput ceiling lamp Styled by Jasmine Jhaveri; Photography by Pankaj Anand

Exhibiting a delicate contrast with its French New Wave-like snug amidst the cold, steely demeanour of the towering skyscrapers it cohabits amidst — the Summer Haus in Mumbai evokes a sense of romanticism and nostalgia that teleports you into what could best be described as a whimsical movie set, out of a Wes Anderson film.

Rich wood and intricate inlay floors elevate the space, while playful colours and wall art from Terrain add a touch of vibrancy. Dining table and chairs from A Wooden Story, chandelier from Objects of Interest alongside Kaleido wall lights compose a visual symphony; Photography by Pankaj Anand

With its intimate floor plan, functionally intricate rooms, and a charming garden breakout space, it challenges perceptions with myriad windows and visually interconnected spaces. And, while TAC worked on the architectural aspect, Anjali Mody, founder of Josmo is the genius behind the immersive design experience.

The staircase narrates a story of material transformation, from ground to the first floor, with marble, wood and cane finishing, extending up to the master floor; Photography by Pankaj Anand

As you step into the Summer Haus, you are immediately enveloped in an environment brimming with eclectic dynamism where the interplay of materials gracefully guides the transition from informal to formal spaces, infusing each area with its unique tone and character.

The kids’ room suite is a delightful ensemble of comfort and playfulness, featuring an Alankaram coffee table, Wooden Story TV unit and sofa, Kalakaari Haath wallpaper, and Jaipur Rugs carpet, creating a cosy and artistic space; Photography by Pankaj Anand

Owing to the fact that the well-travelled homeowners run a production house in the cinema paradise of the country, the brief was focused, while evidently predictable, “Sans any typical Indian home. A home that reflects their travel experiences and love for cinema… Featuring a blend of diverse cultures, almost like the SOHO house culture — blending the old and new in a unique way, embracing diversity and a cosmopolitan lifestyle,” reveals Mody, who also designed their Goan holiday home, Villa Vida a few years ago.

Embracing an oasis of organisation and style, the marble-toned master walk-in wardrobe features the Essajees Atelier dressing table, Wooden Story chair, and Jaipur Rugs carpet, blending artistry with functionality; Photography by Pankaj Anand

However, the biggest challenge lies in pinning down ideas that won’t change. “Since our clients are from a creative space and literally build movie sets for a living, their taste and experiences evolve and change over time. The key here is to bring the design back to a foundational philosophy that our ideas need to stand the test of time, thus making the space last through the changing creative climate in which they reside,” shares Mody about designing for clients deeply inspired by the world of cinema and series.

In the vibrant kids’ bedroom, where yellow reigns playfully amidst artefacts and a Kalakaari Haath wallpaper, a Wooden Story bed on a Josmo carpet, Iqrup+Ritz side tables, The White Teak Company table lamps and Harshita Jhamtani wall lamps enliven the space; Photography by Pankaj Anand

Greeted by the cosy embrace of the living room, adorned with bespoke Josmo-designed rugs and elegant Harshita Jhamtani lamps, you find yourself in a space that effortlessly marries formality with a touch of whimsy.

Transitioning to the formal dining area, you experience an understated elegance elevated by rich wood accents and intricate inlay floors. However, balancing diverse cultural influences while maintaining a cohesive design is crucial.

A welcoming guest bedroom is graced by a bed from The Original Bed Co with linen from Tulio, a customised Josmo rug by the Fazo Project, the House of Things side table, The White Teak Company table lamp and wall art from Terrain; Photography by Pankaj Anand

Mody shares her approach, saying, “We chose a combination of white and black marble, along with the warm embrace of wood to create a visual thread that guides you through the overall space. It’s almost as if you’re embarking on a captivating walk, akin to navigating through the city of Paris.” As you follow the line, a small passage beckons, unveiling the den, where a plush red sofa and carpet become the focal point.

Mody describes the intent behind this art-filled sanctuary, “Our aim is to craft a haven where our clients can immerse themselves, surrounded by elements that authentically express their individual tastes and experiences. The walls, transformed into captivating canvases, contribute to the room’s overall aesthetic, interweaving a tapestry of imagination that evokes narratives and piques curiosity with every frame.”

In the master bedroom, a harmonious fusion of scale and details displayed with the custom-designed Josmo carpet, Tulio bedding and the Mother Gone Mad chandelier; Photography by Pankaj Anand


An invitation to tranquillity, the master suite weaves tales of the English countryside in soothing hues of beige, rust and blues. A radiant Mother Gone Mad chandelier illuminates the room, while the custom Josmo carpet by Fazo Project and the study chair by Josmo enhance the ambiance, complemented by Kaleido wall lights. A Wooden Story bed, Josmo side table, and Mahendra Doshi bedside lamp create an elegant haven of rest; Photography by Pankaj Anand

Guiding you to the first floor is a staircase that transcends mere functionality, becoming a vessel for the tale of metamorphosis. The steps, adorned with a medley of marble, wood, and cane, carry the narrative of transformation from the ground floor upwards, weaving a visual symphony that extends to the master floor.

The piece de resistance eagerly awaits on the second floor. Ascending to this realm, an air of confidence gracefully permeates the atmosphere, guided by the awe-inspiring 15 ft high A-frame ceiling adorned with a custom -designed Mother Gone Mad chandelier.

The guest bathroom exudes elegance with C Bhogilal sanitary fittings and Kaleido wall lights (reflected on the mirror); Photography by Pankaj Anand

Mody shares the intricacies behind its creation, “The chandelier, crafted from woven wool and cane chords, features a captivating red highlight, seamlessly connecting it to the room’s overall design. We experimented with multiple diameters to strike the optimum balance between volume and cohesiveness.

In fact, the diameter is close to 6 feet and still sits in harmony within the space, elevated to zenith.” A striking large rug wraps the master suite, infusing the space with a captivating burst of colour, the wardrobe metamorphoses into exquisite rattan furniture, serving as a gateway that leads to the dreamlike closet and the en suite bathroom featuring a solid marble sink counter weighing nearly a tonne, all set against a teal green colour palette.

The kids’ room bathroom boasts FCML sanitary fittings and Kalakaari Haath wallpaper, adding a touch of charm to the space; Photography by Pankaj Anand

The Summer Haus is a whimsical masterpiece that captivates with its quirky symmetry, bold and bright colours, and well-lit spaces. Every corner of this enchanting abode showcases meticulous attention to detail, from the arched entryways and partitions that add an element of intrigue to the unconventional chandeliers that serve as captivating focal points.

The primary bathroom captivates with an Orvi marble sink and custom Josmo mirror, adorned with ABACA accessories, creating an oasis of enchantment; Photography by Pankaj Anand

As you explore the Summer Haus, you are transported into a surreal tableau of design excellence, where the Andersonesque atmosphere lingers in the air. It is a living, breathing film set, where each room tells a story and invites you to immerse yourself in its cinematic wonder.

With its fusion of art, design, and storytelling, the Summer Haus embodies the essence of magical and immersive design, creating an unforgettable experience for all who step through its doors.

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