A home in Bengaluru by Bodhi Design Studio plays host to colour, culture and comfort

MAR 21, 2024 | By Aanya Jain
The armchair is from Freedom Tree along with the rug from Carpet Kingdom; Photography by Arjun Krishna; Styling by by Fymin Naif and Nimitha Harith
The bed takes centre stage in the master bedroom while complementing the prints and colour canvas around; Photography by Arjun Krishna
An antique study table serves as a functional workspace; Photography by Arjun Krishna

In Bengaluru, this home by Bodhi Design Studio playfully beckons you to venture further and then some more. Filled with old-world charm and functionally appropriate for a family of two, this 1,500 sq ft apartment is a part of a 40-year-old building. Home to the lady of the house and her son, the spaces were restructured and given a face lift by the design team lead by principal architect Amirah Ahamed.

The client’s vibrant and lively personality allowed for the home to take on those characteristics too. “As a single mother immersed in a creative career, the current layout and ambiance of the unit were not aligning well with her needs,” explains Amirah. It was important to design spaces that fueled inspiration and creativity but were also grounded in the family’s roots. The client had a vision that included a spacious kitchen, an entertainment area, a cosy master bedroom and a practical space for her son.

Bodhi Design Studio
This eclectic space is remodelled to accommodate an entertainment area that can also be closed off; Photography by Arjun Krishna; Styling by Fymin Naif and Nimitha Harith


Bodhi Design Studio
A plush sofa from IKEA pairs beautifully with the striped table from Freedom Tree; Photography by Arjun Krishna

Best of both worlds 

With the homeowner having familial roots in both Kolkata and Kerala, efforts were made to bring the two together. Hints of Kolkata’s colonial history can be seen intertwined within the rich South Indian furniture. The materials used were chosen by the team with a keen eye. A combination of kota, wood and stained glass have brought about an organic lived-in feel while also being refined. Personal touches were added through photographs and paintings in all the spaces.

The ever-growing importance of sustainability especially in design was not missed out by the designers. Understanding the value of sustainability, the team incorporated furniture pieces from antique collections. Several items from the client’s family were repurposed and reused. 

Bodhi Design Studio
The armchair is from Freedom Tree along with the rug from Carpet Kingdom; Photography by Arjun Krishna


Bodhi Design Studio
A selection of elements from Sunshine Boulevard dress an old trunk repurposed as the bar. The day bed poised beneath the window is a family heirloom; Photography by Arjun Krishna

Textural tango

One walks into a foyer defined by a shoe rack featuring all the materials used throughout the home. Layered with textures and patterns, the living room is playful with its red and white striped table and multi–coloured cushions. Traces of colonial design can be seen in the chequered inlay on the edges of the flooring, separating the living area into two – the first portion as a general living area, and the second as an entertainment area that can be closed off. The spaces showcase brightly coloured furniture pieces along with antiques like an old trunk used as a bar unit. 

Bodhi Design Studio
The cosy dining table is crowned by a hanging light from The Purple Turtles; Photography by Arjun Krishna


Bodhi Design Studio
With an assorted material and colour palette, the kitchen ties to the overall mood of the home; Photography by Arjun Krishna

The kitchen displays a wide range of materials and colours without being overbearing. The perfect combination of wood, tiles and paint has rendered this space sophisticated yet tied to the overarching eclectic theme. In the son’s bedroom, materials have once again been used smartly to divide the spaces.

Bodhi Design Studio
A playful mirror adds contrast; Photography by Arjun Krishna

A combination of a patterned floor with a wood floor separates the small space into the study area and the sleeping area. The master bedroom perfectly fits the client’s brief. Comprising a walk-in wardrobe, bathtub and writing nook, every element of this space ties to her personality. The attention to detail is clear – whether it’s the colour palette of the room or the intricate patterns of the furnishings. 

The master bedroom sings of old world charm with a regal bed and an interplay of patterns; Photography by Arjun Krishna

The design discourse   

Through these eclectic spaces and layers upon layer of textural delight, Bodhi Design Studio’s prowess comes through. Their philosophy, that design creates a culture which in turn creates future defining values, is evident in this residence. This ideology has aided them in creating a practical yet aesthetically pleasing home that sheds a light on durability and sustainability. 


Bodhi Design Studio
Great care was taken into the tile selection of the master bathroom; Photography by Arjun Krishna

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