A bar to watch out for: Cool off with refreshing drinks at Thirsty City 127!

MAR 6, 2020 | By Vedika Nair
The main bar
The not so private area
The upper level
The grand room
Handcrafted Art Deco Motifs

Mumbai’s latest addition to chic outposts is the newest Thirsty City 127, at Lower Parel. Replacing the legendary ‘Barking Deer’ which was one India’s first craft breweries, this new arena elevates your beer tasting experience and adds a craft cocktail bar to the space. To keep the ‘Barking Deer’s’ spirit alive, Studio Pomegranate crafted this space with additional areas that are flexibly connected to the bar and have also introduced a new bar on the first level for private events. Use of vegetable forms is seen in the frames that tell stories of liquor.

The entrance

Every window is unique, custom-made, and presents the organic element in the aesthetic of the bar; lights in between each light up the various forms, and encourages you to continue on a journey through a crafted space. The door is a construction of liquid forms that unfold into layers of rippled brass handles. Upon entering, we’re greeted with monograms on the floor while the bar conceals itself.

Stepping further inside we enter the intimate space within the brewery. The bar is crafted using terrazzo with glass chips, and built-in brass coasters with bar stools. The floor is a tapestry of black limestone and dark terrazzo with coloured stones.The upper level is used for private functions. Held together by a fluted glass partition on the south, and a set of folded steel planes that make the stairway up to the next floor, this space is vast. The night sky acts as a placeholder for the ceiling while mirrored panels with small bulbs illuminate the room.

The folded floating staircase