8 Inventive bookshelves for every bibliophile

JUL 10, 2018 | By Nidhi Upadhyaya
Bookshelves can not only let you flaunt your prized possessions of hardbound beauties but can also double up as a stylish room divider. Whether you’re looking for innovative storage solutions or simply a decorative unit, we have compiled a list of distinctive book racks for you. Ranging from modern designs to charming, rustic options in earthy mocha finishes, these statement pieces will transform your humble abode into a wooden wonderland.
1. Italian designer Carlo Tamborinienvisioned Gap with an external metal frame that serves as a source of light.Website:
2. The antique Dak Bangla shelf features hidden drawers for a neat, uncluttered appearance.Website:
3. Inspired by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, the solid beech Samos boasts a triangular pattern based on his theorem.Website:
4. The customisable Lowell panelling comes in various sizes and finishes and can even accommodate a built-in home theatre system.Website:
5. The maple wood Cabinet of Memories consists of alternating 120 compartments representing the brand’s 120th anniversary.Website:
6. Estella comes with two drawers and six compartments in varied sizes to cater to different needs.Website:
7. Mackintosh is composed of wooden cubes connected using thin brass bars.Website:
8. Random Revolving bookshelf is crafted in wood and stands on a nickel brushed stainless steel base.Website: