A multi-generational home in Mumbai reborn with timeless elegance by TCG Studio

MAY 25, 2023 | By Alexa De Souza
The honey oak veneer clads the TV unit and seamlessly connects to a desk that is flooded with natural light. The brass desk chair is from West elm India and ties with the brass frame shutters of the book storage. The window seat provides the perfect space for the client to enjoy a good read and also has built in storage. Photographed by Aditya Warlikar
The tall upholstered headboard draws the viewer's eye up and also ties in with the grey leather detail on the custom nightstands. Photographed by Aditya Warlikar
The repeat in black elements is a deliberate design choice to tie all the spaces together. We tried to bring it in soft furnishings as well as furniture and door details. Photographed by Aditya Warlikar
The dining area is dominated by a custom black Marquina dining table, flanked by wainscoting finished in a warm grey PU as well as contemporary wall sconces in a black metal finish. The dining set comprises a black marble dining table along with custom dining chairs made with a combination of leather and a textured chenille. The windows are lined with a motorised textured ivory sheer fabric that filters the light through the day. Photographed by Aditya Warlikar
We continued the olive accent colour into the living area through accent cushions on the custom 11’ sofa. The coffee table set comprises a stone finished coffee table from a west elm and a custom ebonized veneer capsule shaped table that nests below. Photographed by Aditya Warlikar

Amidst the bustling city of Mumbai, a remarkable home stands as a testament to the art of balancing diverse needs and creating a cohesive living space. This 1,460 sq ft home serves as a sanctuary for three generations. Situated in Tardeo, this home required significant structural repairs due to its age. Collaborating closely with a structural engineer, the project team meticulously addressed the building’s issues, focusing on repairing slabs and columns while ensuring the integrity of the structure remained intact. The result is chic, functional and ready for family gatherings.

This vignette showcases a custom built in side table that houses a planter also conceals storage, finished in an open grained ebonized veneer. A stone coffee table from West Elm; Photographed by Aditya Warlikar

The renovation of this multi-generational home cohesively demonstrates the successful integration of diverse tastes and needs. Designers Ashni Tapuria Shah and Sanna Daya Hassan of TCG Studio helped design the apartment to work for this 3 generation family.

Form and function meet

A chic and sophisticated home that epitomises style yet is welcoming, the individual spaces are personalised and every room tells a different story. Each bedroom reflects the personality and the taste of the person living in it. The simplicity of the colours and textures of each room flows mellifluously into a melody, making a brick-and-mortar structure a haven. It is completely functional yet elegant, with more than enough storage for the sentimentalists who live in it.

The overarching theme of this home revolves around striking a delicate balance between form and function, with cleverly disguised storage solutions seamlessly integrated into the overall aesthetic.

The dresser has built-in lighting so the throw of light is ideal for the client to get ready. The mirror also conceals built in storage; Photographed by Aditya Warlikar

A palette of elegance

Upon entering the home, guests are greeted by a foyer that encompasses storage, a shoe bench, and a separate entrance for staff accessing the kitchen. The foyer flows seamlessly into the living room, which extends to a den on the left and a dining area on the right. The dining area leads to a powder basin and utility area. Opposite the foyer, a passage leads to the staff room, puja room, and bedrooms.

The master suite is designed with fluted detail that conceals volumes of storage without giving away the shutter locations at the floor and loft levels. The tall upholstered headboard draws the viewer’s eye up and also ties in with the grey leather detail on the custom nightstands. The bedroom features a unique two-sided swing, allowing one to enjoy the view, creating a cosy seating area. The walk-in wardrobe leads to the master bathroom featuring a relaxing steam and sauna shower cubicle along with French gold fittings.

This vignette showcases the custom fluted extended headboard that is upholstered in a pale blush linen. Also seen is a mint pastel base botanical wallpaper, pendants from Hatsu and custom cylindrical nightstands clad in the honey oak veneer; Photographed by Aditya Warlikar

At the end of the passage, maintaining a consistent design language throughout the home, honey oak herringbone flooring is seen from the passage to the daughter’s bedroom combining practicality and charm, with a honey oak veneer which clads the TV unit and seamlessly connects to a desk by the window that is flooded with natural light. A custom fluted extended headboard that is upholstered in a pale blush linen. Also seen is a mint pastel base botanical wallpaper, pendants and custom cylindrical nightstands clad in the honey oak veneer.

A dresser with built in lighting and a mirror that acts as a place for storage is most ideal for the client to get ready. The best part is a cosy reading nook by the window. The booklover’s nook allows for a more youthful and personalised touch, with the honey oak wood tone, ebonized veneer, and mixed metals that define the space. 

The warmth of the room is largely attributed to the wood tone primary surface treatments seen are the honey oak herringbone flooring from Square foot, pastel furnishings and a line of sandwiched jute wardrobe shutters framed in a warm grey PU. The mixed metals continue from this room through the rest of the spaces of the home; Photographed by Aditya Warlikar

Throughout the home classic, contemporary elements have been utilised like French panelling and wainscoting juxtaposed with modern finishes like ebonized veneer and PU.

The colour and material palette of this home comprises warm greys, honey oak wood tones, and white Makrana marble which the design team opted to work around with, paying homage to the sentimental and nostalgic value it held for the clients. This decision not only reduced waste, resources, and cost but also brought immense satisfaction to the homeowners. Open-grained ebonized wood and hardware to decorative lights and bath fittings, are elements that have been thoughtfully integrated adding a touch of sophistication. By keeping the overall shell neutral, the design achieved is chic and modern with selective pops of colour.

The primary materials in the master bathroom include statuario finish tiles in ribbed and matte finishes along with French gold fittings from Kohler. The toiletry niche has concealed lighting that adds a soft glow to the steam and shower area; Photographed by Aditya Warlikar

Design gems to note

The den, with its blend of aesthetics and functionality, best exemplifies the philosophy of less is more, featuring veneer panelling that brings warmth and conceals hidden storage, while a plush olive sectional invites relaxation, slim shelving to showcase the clients’ collectables and a range and indirect lighting sources for that warm evening glow, perfect for unwinding.

This vignette gives a closer look at the den sectional that provides a comfortable viewing point for the TV that is not visible from the living room seating. The built in slim shelving fits perfectly within the natural niche formed by the column placement of the area; Photographed by Aditya Warlikar


Custom designed book cabinet with brass framed fluted glass shutters. The depth of the cabinet is hidden through a curved nook that houses the clients favourite plant; Photographed by Aditya Warlikar

The joys and challenges

“The most enjoyable part of the design process was creating the daughter’s bedroom, affectionately known as the ‘booklover’s nook.’ Here, a wide variety of materials and textures were explored to realise the client’s dream of a cosy reading haven. The most challenging aspect was striking a balance between storage requirements and aesthetic sensibilities in the master bedroom. However, through smart panelling and innovative design details, every square inch of space was effectively utilised,” expresses Ashni Tapuria Shah.

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