7 storage cabinets with dramatic colours and texture

DEC 28, 2018 | By Chavi Sood
2.“Bloom"by Adam Goodrum and Arthur Seigneur for Adam and Arthur.
3.Density Fibre lacquered “traje de luces” from dooq.
7."White away" from Soft Studio.
6.“Polifemo” by Elena Salmistraro for De Castelli.
4.“Kalbana” from Tranceforme.
5.“Ziqqurat” from Driade.
1. Grain coloured maple "Oblo" by Matteo Zorzenoni for Scapin Collezioni.

Look no further than these practical (and stylish) pieces of furniture that banish the banal – experiment with dramatic shutters and flamboyant designs that double up as a statement piece while storing your prized possessions.1. Grain coloured maple “Oblo” by Matteo Zorzenoni for Scapin Collezioni2. Hand-crafted black-stained oak with straw marquetry and Timber panels “bloom” by adam goodrum and arthur seigneur for adam and arthur3. Ratan and brass structure with medium- density fibre lacquered “traje de luces” from dooq 4. Ply with veneer structure “kalbana” from tranceforme5. Black laminate structure with geometric graphic black/white laquered textured finish “ziqqurat” from driad6. Delabre iron and varnished aluminium structure with Matt lacquered wood “polifemo” by elena salmistraro for de castelli7. Pine wood structure with hard wax finish “whittle away” From soft studio *all prices on request for details, see address book