7 silver tableware options for an imperial touch to any special occasion

JUL 14, 2016 | By Komal Gupta
2. Silver Plated handcrafted Charger Plate by Arnes. 3. Shell Spoon by Contemporary Arts and Crafts. 1. Silver Plastic with glass thermos jug by Anemos. 6. Nile Table Fork by Mora Taara. 4. Silver plated Argent Tongs by Good Earth. 5. Royal Metal Silver Tray by InV Homes. 7. Silver plated butter dish with stand by Tresorie.
A glittering display for those important soirees….silver tableware has the ability to create a lasting impression. Whether you are party savant or a first timer, for a fine dining experience right at home, we suggest you to stock up on metallic jugs, spoons, tongs, plates and containers. Time to dine like royalty!
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