7 adult colouring books to help you stay in line

JAN 27, 2017 | By Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya
Researchers have touted the tranquilising benefits of the art of colouring since the 60s. But in our increasingly tech dominant world, this craft has got some serious grown-up attention. The tomes we are referring to are intricately designed to help you de-stress and focus.
Since its popularity has been on the rise, we deemed it necessary to line-up our edit of design savvy options out there to get you initiated.
1. Seas of Serenity
This volume brings you calming, travel-sized outlines of sea and beach scenes to help you relax virtually anywhere.
2. Birds of Paradise
Using a mixture of repeat patterns and motifs of peckers as well as more intricate birdlife scenes, these beautifully illustrated designs help your mind to focus and will release your inner creativity.
3. It Is Well With My Soul
This highly designed book with intricate, detailed pen and ink illustrations include gold foil and perforated pages with beautifully lettered lyrics that can be displayed in the home.
4. Birdtopia
This gorgeous paperback for all ages contains over 70 pages of wondrous birds living in a world brimming with fantastical flora and fauna.
5. Secret Japan
Capture the beauty of multi-hues kimonos, designs of hand fans, ancient temples to enjoy a calming Japanese way of life in the course of these pages.
6. Bagh-e-Bahar: A Mughal Garden
The first-ever adult colouring book from India brings the romance of Mughal gardens alive, through the classic patterns created by Good Earth.
7. Crap Colouring In: Mindless Art Therapy for Modern Life
This option by Joe Summer contains imagery from shopping trolleys to speed-bumps, leaves on the line and detailed grey clouds; here are all life’s little annoyances for you to brighten up.
Photography by Tanuj Ahuja, Produced by Tanvi Jain