6 young guns that are revolutionising design this season

NOV 26, 2018 | By Elle Decor India
Functional, supportive and captivating furniture by A Cube Inc. Derived from the houseboats of Kerala and its nature, plates from Baarique. Inspired by the owl, a collection with everyday collectables from Ullu Ke Pathe. Graphic, hand block painted cushion covers from Inka. Pochampally ikat motif hand-woven cotton serviette by Translate. Cork table mats from Outlin'd.

We bring you six young established designers and labels on our radar that is making waves with their innovative creations and fascinating design philosophy. 1. Name: Outlin’dFounder: Jhunjhun Jain The Design Inspiration: The inspiration was to work with cork and create a collection where the focus on Indian heritage and architecture comes into playWhy we do like it: Outlin’d celebrate the intricacy of Indian design without the colour and the glitter, it caters to a market of people believing in thoughtful acquisitions and meaningful products.Website: www.outlind.studio2. Name: Ullu Ke Pathe Founder: Heeral AkhauryThe Design Inspiration: The majestic and quirky owl inspires our design adventures to up-cycle the old. Everyday inanimate objects are transformed to standout, handmade pieces of art using colours and traditional Indian techniques of Gond and Madhubani with modern symmetry Why we do like it: Every piece is handcrafted and restored with love, making no two pieces alike- designs for the non-conformist, the world traveller, the connoisseur of unique experiences and taste. Motifs hand-drawn from nature and timeless architecture clash with millennial color palates and graphic proportion, giving you pieces that are at once ageless yet distinctive.Website: www.ullukepathe.com3. Name: InkaFounder: Indu KapahiThe Design Inspiration: Using the ancient technique of hand block printing to create designs that bring luxury to every homeWhy do we like it: The striking colour palettes and interplay between elements from nature and geometric patterns to create a curated line of affordable yet luxurious bed linen and furnishings.Website: Name: BaariqueFounder: Surkhi Matharu & Malika BudhirajThe Design Inspiration: Baarique brings an amalgamation of unexplored tradition, raw beauty and luxury. It is our endeavor to give the background of the delectable Indian cuisine a visual makeover. Our designs are influenced by art, ranging from the gorgeous house boats of Kerela that are intricately hand crafted and covered in flowers, to the gorgeous laburnum or gulmohar trees that light up the streets of our home towns.Why we do like it: Baarique defines Incredible India as tradition through style and contemporary design. They’ve helped in reviving traditional utensils and art, sustainability, and promote local artisans and sustainability etched by craftsmen from various corners of India to create inimitable tableware.Website: www.baarique.in5. Name: Translate – Handwoven IkatFounder: Vinita PassaryThe Design Inspiration: Their design inspiration works around the typical Pochampally ikat motifs. We also take inspiration from the traditional Uzbekistan ikat motifs and aim for minimalistic patterns with a contemporary feel.Why we do like it: A little Ikat in your home decor can never go wrong. This age-old rich & traditional art speaks a language of its own, individually patterned textiles with vibrant motifs. Similarly, their collection of Ikat home furnishings is unique and has an ideal balance between ethnic and contemporary. They are guaranteed to transform and give a new shade of chic to your home. Website: www.ikatindia.in6. Name: A Cube Inc.Founder: Anand and Anuj AmbalalThe Design Inspiration: The intention of A Cube Inc. was to design functional yet thought provoking home products by taking utilitarian forms and making them more tangible & accessible collaborating Western and Eastern elements together to create contemporary interiors that add to the aesthetics of furniture and architectural accessories Why we do like it: They uniquely play on three senses of the body- touch, smell and sight. Website: