6 sensational bathtubs to upgrade your bathroom this summer

APR 3, 2019 | By Aneesha Bhadri
Sok bath by Kohler

With soaring temperatures comes the need for cool and invigorating baths. We present a curated list of bath fittings, which are sure to satisfy the diverse needs of the sultry season. Soak up and relax—this time of the year warrants some serious downtime!

Sok bath by Kohler
A bathtub with an infinity pool effect, chromatherapy and effervescent water feature, what’s not to like? With water cascading over the sides, the sok bath offers full-body immersion. Chromatherapy surrounds you with vibrant lights that can changes to suit your mood. Sink into this blissful warmth and feel your body relax.

Blue Moon by Duravit

Designed by Jochen Schmiddem, this freestanding whirltub features remote-controlled LED underwater lights in varied cycles for a multi-sensorial experience. The white acrylic and wood teak inlay add sophistication to the bathing set.

Alba by Roca
Giving a contemporary twist to the traditional rectangular bathtub is the Roca’s Alba series that features minimalistic acrylic form with whirlpool settings and an interactive LED screen. Offering diverse finishes and counters, this series can enhance your bathroom space to lend a uniform, styled look without compromising on functionality.

Emo by Häfele

With its clean lines and distinctive aesthetics, Häfele’s Edelbad shower system is designed to elevate your bathroom space. The integrated panel-touch with light and sound control makes for a customisable and luxuriant experience. For the eco-conscious people out there, this stainless steel shower system provides air technology that saves up to 35% water while allowing for a rejuvenating shower experience.

Ceiling mount shower system by Graff

Isn’t it always a dream to enjoy the cheerful showers of rain without the hassle of getting splattered in mud and slush? This ceiling-mounted shower system by Graff is crafted to give you an authentic monsoon experience within the confines of your home. With rain and steam functions and six-colour LED chromotherapy lighting, it is nothing short of a spa experience. What’s more? Its no-clog, easy-clean spray nozzles ensure that you don’t waste time and energy cleaning it.

Closer by Zucchetti

Designer Diego Grandi’s innovative creation ‘Closer’ aspires to simplify daily life and ensure maximum comfort. The wall-mounted showerhead is superbly functional and efficient — two adjustable arms and a floating joint help you position the showerhead exactly the way you want while the counterweight keeps it balanced. The sleek, contemporary body also doubles up as a pretty decor accent!

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Gemini Spa by Jaguar