6 foyer design ideas that set the stage for a grand entrance!

MAR 8, 2024 | By Khushi Gala
Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi, Styling by Unbox Design Studio

First impressions are last impressions indeed. And for a home, the tale always starts with a majestic entrance that influences the way we experience a space ambling further. Foyers, in fact, build up the design narratives of our living spaces, evoking feelings of excitement, intrigue and well, an artful sense of coming back home! To make your first impressions last, ELLE DECOR India assembles inspirations in the form of 6 foyer design ideas, that would leave you starstruck the moment you step inside.  

Colonial blends by Stylemykona 

Teleporting you to the colonial era, this foyer designed by Babita Pandey, Founder and Chief Stylist of Stylemykona, strays away from the simple and solid designs. The blue and white Victorian print wallpaper starts from the walls and continues to the ceiling giving the space an illusion of being elongated. The metal framing of the ceiling lights and the candle stand give the space an antique touch. The stone sculpture, the table lamp with the marble dish, sits atop a minimalist grey tabletop supported by wooden legs. 

foyer design ideas
Designed by Stylemykona; Photography by Mahesh

Decked up in wood by Temple Town

Making statements with antique elements, this veranda designed by Temple Town exudes the essence of tradition. The white ceiling and textured columns, balance out the warm hues of wood and create an inviting ambience for the guests as well as the homeowners. The space is highlighted with an antique wooden chest, a mirror with beautifully carved edges and a wall scone amongst many others. 

foyer design ideas
Designed by Temple Town; Photograph courtesy Temple Town

Victorian minimalism by Studio PatternMaker

White-panelled walls and the floral art on the walls of the home portray a peek into the overall vibe of the house designed by Parthavi Patel, founder of Studio PatternMaker. The white and grey chequered flooring is the highlight of the space and stands out against the minimal environment. The Brass Pendant light by Jainsons is the highlight of the space, hung above a centre table adorned with lilies. The arched glass doors with black framing lead one to unfold the home that lies ahead. 

foyer design ideas
Designed by Studio PatternMaker; Photography by Ishita Sitwala, Styling by Parthavi Patel

Black and white by Unbox Design Studio 

Hemal Kothari and Apurwa Pandit, principal designers at Unbox Design Studio, have designed a home that creates unforgettable experiences. The foyer’s tantalising design evokes a sense of intrigue amongst its visitors. The chequered black and white flooring leads up to the console designed by Arjunvir Gujral Design Studio. The glass windows throughout the passage allow for an ample amount of sunlight to enter. 

foyer design ideas
Designed by Unbox Design Studio; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi, Styling by Unbox Design Studio

Indo-classical fusion by Smit Shah Innovative Designs

Nestled in South Mumbai, Smit Shah Innovative Designs has imagined this home as a fusion of cultural design and sophistication. Upon entrance, the pastel pink and green prints on the deep blue wallpaper catch the eye along with the wooden console, giving the foyer an Indian touch. The black and white harlequin flooring adds to the maximalist design and makes the space appear more cohesive. The black framed fluted glass door stands as a design element, along with planters that give the space a pop of colour. 

foyer design ideas
Designed by Smit Shah Innovative Designs, Mumbai; Photography by Wabi-Sabi Studios

Cappuccino crèmes by The Little Details

The foyer designed by Jesal Lodha, principal designer at The Little Details, is splashed in colours of blended cappuccino, an exemplary palette that nudges the love for the cosy yet chic shade. The warm whites and creamy beiges paint the walls, along with a custom-made console, matching the dusty rose flooring perfectly. The space is an amalgamation of smooth curves and circles, exuding a soft and subtle vibe. 

foyer design ideas
Designed by The Little Details; Photography by Pulkit Sehgal, Styling by Priyanka Aggarwal of

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