5 Tips on choosing the right large-scale printer plotter

JUL 22, 2021 | By ELLE DECOR Team

In an industry perpetually pressed for time, an efficient and reliable large-scale printer plotter that can translate CAD drawings, technical drawings, and plans onto paper instantaneously and on demand is vital.

With so many brands and models in the market, how do you choose a printer plotter that meets the needs of different teams? For example, IT teams look for connectivity capabilities, security for documents and data, ease of use, and speed of printout delivery.

Here’s a preview of what you need to consider before making a decision.

Security down to your hardware

Did you now that unsecured printers can be a gateway for hackers or malicious code to infiltrate your organisation? A secure boot process is a key component of printer security to validate the integrity of its BIOS code. Printer security also includes protecting sensitive data through the use of secure user authentication controls and whitelisting.

Everyone on the same page

No routers or local network connections required! Mobility in printing and scanning is essential for smooth collaboration. Wi-Fi enabled printers make it possible for anyone with their own smartphones, laptops or tablets to print their documents.

Keep track of spending

How much are you printing per month? Data tracking and reporting software is the first thing IT teams need if they are to manage and oversee printing activity and spending. Detailed reports can provide insights on a particular user, department, project, or individual jobs.

Less is more

Fuss-free operation matters. Plotter printers with end users in mind help make them self-sufficient and less reliant on the IT help desk to solve menial tasks. A product with intuitive functionality will also require minimal training or assistance for first-time use.

Hard copy is latency-proof

Don’t be caught in a jam. There are multiple reasons for downtime, from remoteness or inaccessibility of field sites, or sudden bad weather which can affect connectivity. In such situations, hard copy is always reliable and dependable.

Today, large scale printer plotters are more cost-effective than ever, producing documents with higher resolution and colour fidelity. More importantly, they are evolving to help IT departments do more — for a lot less.

These are just snippets on how to choose the right large-scale printer plotter.

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