5 Questions with Garima Agarwal of Peekaboo Interiors on the importance of colour psychology in designing kids spaces

JAN 15, 2024 | By Khushi Gala
Photograph courtesy Peekaboo Interiors
Photograph courtesy Peekaboo Interiors

With every corner depicting a canvas, designing spaces for kids may not be as easy as it seems. The space needs to resonate with the kids, be designed in a child centred way, while also helping them get out of their comfort zone. But the interiors and decor for each kid will vary. Within this context, ELLE DECOR India jumps into a conversation with Garima Agarwal, founder of Peekaboo Interiors, decoding the importance of colour psychology and child-centred designs, in everyday life. 

Garima Agarwal, founder of Peekaboo Interiors

How did Peekaboo come into being?

Peekaboo is my very essence; it mirrors my deep love for aesthetics, my devotion to children, and my belief in infusing value, meaning, and a dash of pop! Rewinding 18 years to 2005, I embarked on the Peekaboo journey. It all began in the cosy corners of my home with just one machine, scarce resources, and a surplus of enthusiasm and ideas. Back then, my focus was on designing enchanting curtains for kids rooms. What started off as a one-product brand, has now grown into one of the leading kid’s brands in the city, with two brick-and-mortar stores, a sprawling workshop, and a nationwide online presence with a loving client base across the country! This journey is purely driven by passion, skill, innovation, quality control, and hard work.

Photograph courtesy Peekaboo Interiors

What made you specifically focus on kids spaces?

This endeavour sprang from my sincere longing to turn my children’s environment into a vibrant dream. Identifying a gap in the market, I eagerly embraced the opportunity to be a trailblazer in this niche. With a clear vision of connecting with clients across India, I extended Peekaboo’s presence, presenting my creations nationwide. To my delight, Peekaboo resonated with people, becoming an instant hit.

Photograph courtesy Peekaboo Interiors

What is the key element one needs to be careful about while designing a kids space?

Colour is a power that influences the soul and one of the main aspects to designing a child’s room consciously is colour. Using a mindful melody of colours can help create an energy field that will nourish and feed your child’s soul. At Peekaboo Interiors, we work with colours that resonate with the vibrations of the child’s energy to craft intimate and supportive environments.

Photograph courtesy Peekaboo Interiors

How does colour psychology influence the design of the space?

Colour has energy. For example Green is the colour for healing . Refreshes any space while bringing in a feeling of nature. Blue is the colour of wisdom, it is also cooling, helps in calming down and hence great for a bedroom. Red is hot and powerful, energising – making it a good option for recreational spaces.

The psychology of colour is rich, complex, layered and has a direct effect on the quality of your life and emotional wellbeing on a subconscious level. When used in the right way, colour can transform into an intelligent & impactful tool that is bound to bring out the best in your child. Colours are powerful psychological triggers that can help jog the brain, evoke emotions or stir the pot of creativity. For example, if a child is shy then the room should be an amalgamation of bright shades of red to stimulate his quiet nature with some calming blues that resonate with his true nature, without which he would not feel comfortable in his own space.

Photograph courtesy Peekaboo Interiors

How do you determine the best-suited design and colour palette while designing a room for a particular child? 

The design sensibilities have to resonate with the child. Colour selection plays a big role. If the child is hyper usually, calming colours would be a good pick. Choice of Material like wooden or painted, upholstered furniture. Everything is considered based on individuality. For children moving into their own bed from their parents, a cosy cushy bed is pacifying. Besides accessories like wallpaper, furnishings etc defines the child’s preferences. There are so many options available these days. Anything with Motifs is an easy give away for his or her personality.

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