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5 inlaid surfaces to sweep you off your feet

MAY 18, 2017 | By Team ELLE DECOR India
L-R:Tex by Raw Edges for Mutina; OP'Land from Lithos Mosaic Italia;Calystegia by Kiki van Eijk for Bisazza;Retro from FCML;Stripe 41 part of Bath and More Collection from Sicis.

Treat your home like the jewel it is with mesmerising inlaid surfaces – not just on the wall, but the floors too! Make the entire house your canvas to experiment with mosaics in bright and beautiful colours – complementing and contrasting. You can even create statement corners with a single continuous wall and floor combination. Alternately, you can demarcate areas using this technique by applying inlaid mosaic in a part and the remainder in kadappa stone. What’s more, you can even combine different materials for a single pattern – think marble and wood, cement and marble and even metal and stone.

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