5 bathroom linen labels that are on our radar this summer

APR 4, 2019 | By Sakshi Rai

Pamper yourselves with our collection of plush bath linen — tactile, organic and crafted for comfort as summer greets you with long, enjoyable days by the pool, refreshing baths and spa indulgences.

Art aficionados, rejoice! Celebrating art in forms, Good Earth brings a range of hand block printed towels with motifs inspired by ornate Mughal Paintings. Made in the cotton waffle for enhanced absorption, pause and admire these quaint hand towels, which are a canvas to slender cypress motifs, delicate poppies and geometric patterns.Website:

This botanical inspired collection from Snaan Luxury adorned with intricate embroideries of cheerful pansy motifs in hues of purple and green — a beautiful addition to your list of summer bath linen. Website:

Gibie introduces a line of luxury bath linens crafted with Ayurvedic herbs to infuse healing into your bathing. These exceptionally soft Terry towels, in a rich burnt-grey shade, are dyed in natural ayurvedic colours — a process which helps in increasing body metabolism and removing impurities off your skin. Score! Website:

Dive into a fine bathing experience with premium towels by Elvy’s Lifestyle. An adaption of oriental designs across a classic white-grey palette, these imported towels from Turkey are an upgrade to your bathing space. Website:

Towels across earthy tones and refreshing greens from Maishaa raise the benchmark for fabric quality in the world of bath linen and bring diversity with their subtle overall geometric textures, making for an interesting tactile element. Website: