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4 ways to add Intense Ocean to your living room

FEB 13, 2017 | By Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya
L-R:Raghav and Ritu Bahl’s abode in New Delhi is designed with one corner wall in Intense Ocean. Photography by Gaurav and Thiru
2. Joerg Drechsel’s living room painted in the blue-turquoise pigment and decorated with art pieces. Photography by Henry Wilson;Designer Krsna Mehta’s Mumbai apartment displays a colour riot with one wall awashed in Intense Ocean and accentuated with wall arts.
Photography by Jignesh Jhaveri/Photolink, Produced by Shaan Shahani;In this vibrant, artistic vein living room setup, the emphasis is laid on Asian Paints’ Colour of the Year Intense Ocean through walls, accessories and everything in between.
Photograph courtesy Asian Paints.
Asian Paints Colour of the Year 2017 Intense Ocean makes a serious statement and the focal point of these dreamy living rooms. It is easy to see how one simple colour swap make these spaces refreshingly bright and modern.
We show you simple ways to experiment with this colour trend.
1. One corner wall can be accentuated with Intense Ocean. Raghav and Ritu Bahl’s abode in New Delhi is one of those houses – beautifully designed but with the right mix of eccentrics to make it a home. Envisioned by Mallika Kumar of Kumar Moorthy and Associates, a soothing wash of Intense Ocean bathes the TV lounge downstairs to reflect the greenery outside. A pastiche theme starting from the coffee table and pop auto paintings by Mike Knowles runs through to the carpet, cushions and lights handle from JB Gupta adds the right finishing touch to the colourful panel.
2. A humble setting can be lifted with a soothing, yet statement making Intense Ocean wall. Inside German-born Joerg Drechsel’s 250-year-old Dutch colonial dwelling in Cochin, decoration has been kept to a minimum, and lighting has been used expertly. The best part is the living room painted in the Colour of the Year blue-turquoise pigment, once common in the old Muslim quarter of Mattancherry. Celebrating local crafts and culture, this restored home is an old vicarage that resonates with coloured tranquility.
3. Intense Ocean coloured wall can be juxtaposed inside a multi-hued room replete with accessories and paintings. When you look at the incongruous parts of designer Krsna Mehta’s Mumbai apartment that link to a whole, you can’t help but wonder what the starting point was. The lounge is coloured with vibrant solids with the focal point on the Intense Ocean wall that is accentuated with Krsna’s Wall Arts from India Circus over the years. We love how the space is testament to his instinctive insight on producing mix and match interiors along with a keen eye for detailing, colour and texture.
4. From accessories to walls, everything can be dominated by Intense Ocean. The vibrant, artistic vein running through this setup leaves no stone unturned…the emphasis is laid on Asian Paints’ Colour of the Year Intense Ocean through walls, accessories and everything in between.
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