4 quirky Indian accents to brighten up any living space

FEB 28, 2019 | By Nitija Shastri

Keeping in line with the theme of our February-March issue Focus on Crafts, we are heading back to our artisanal roots. If you are looking for quick decor fix to add a dose of glamour to your humble abode, opt from our picks of traditional accents which is a motley of all things India.

Metal Musings: A mix of metallics adds interest to any bookcase and shelving space. Copper and brass accessories, one of the hottest finishes in home decor, can be impactful when paired against a neutral whitewashed background. These copper candle holders by Vilaasita is sure to brighten up any gloomy space.

Cork Up: Eco-warriors, raise a special cheer, corkwood redefined sustainability with functional and durable designs. Outlin’d Studio addresses this need with a wide range of striking collection of homeware focusing on Indian heritage and architecture, serving fresh accessories such as coasters, placemats, bookshelves and even laptop sleeves.

Earthen Elements: Welcome spring in full bloom with natural elements fused with raw textures. Opt for a clean, minimal and modern interior design style. Think these urban functional pieces from terracotta. The Clayheads from the Dysfunctional collection is inspired by the common man and his dilemmas.

Woven Stories: Taking cues from our hot trend from our latest issue, we have our eyes on the play of traditional warp and weft in textural elements of weave that create an aura of multilayered aesthetics. If blogger Justina Blakeney’s gorgeous boho-chic Instagram feed has you inspired, you may love our curated weaves that is sure to amp up any boring space!