4 Ingeniously crafted outdoor installations that will inspire you

OCT 29, 2018 | By Delilah Rodrigues
Photograph courtesy: Acrylicize; Website:
Photograph courtesy: Crystal Wagner Studio; Website:
Photograph courtesy: Snarkitecture; Website:
Photograph by Michael McKelvey, courtesy Yuri Suzuki; Website:
ARTSY FACADEContemporary, interdisciplinary artist Crystal Wagner designed a vibrant, meandering sculpture for Burlington’s BCA Centre. The installation begins inside the first- floor gallery, snaking its way from floor to ceiling, moving through glass to the exterior of the building and across the frontage. The massive work features biomorphic designs, bright neon hues and intricate circular patterns. Website: www.crystalwagner.comLET THERE BE LIGHTThese stunning, mammoth lamps by London studio Acrylicize give you the Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, feels. Each lamp in the interactive installation titled the Manchester Lamps symbolises various historical periods through its graphical design. Website: www.acrylicize.comKEEP BALLINGImagine how therapeutic it must be to bounce around in an enclosure filed with springy balls! New York collaborative Snarkitecture teamed with Harbour City to unveil Bounce, their first immersive installation in Hong Kong. The all- white set up features hundreds of 300 per cent enlarged spheres for both kids and adults to jump into. Website: SOUND CHECKJapanese artist Yuri Suzuki envisioned six brightly coloured scriptures that take in, modify and emit sounds at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta. Called Sonic Playground, the engaging showcase features pipes, dishes and horns made of powder-coated steel.Website: