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3 smart trends for an efficient home office

JUN 15, 2017 | By Nishita Fiji
L-R: Left: If your abode doesn’t allow you an entire room for an office, use the furniture you have to partition your living area and create a special work section customised with foldable furniture. Photograph by Magnus Anesund, Styling by Filippa Egnell
Right: In this cosy setup featuring products by Italian label Momenti, available at Ottimo, the similar tones of cement and aluminium blend into each other to create a calm atmosphere. Photograph courtesy Momenti;Left: Bring bland partitions to life by taking cues from Fritz Hansen’s Milan furniture showroom, imagined by local agency Studiopepe Design. Photograph by Andrea Ferrari courtesy Studiopepe
Right: Add emphasis to your statement walls with cheerful mounted accents customised to your taste. Photograph by S Thiru, Styling by Prateeksha Kackar.

Want to escalate your levels of productivity? Why not assemble an office in your own abode? Whether you have an entire room to allot or just a small corner to spare, we’ve got you covered. Decorate it with care using our top three home office trends as a guideline.1. Compact CurationIf you’re abode doesn’t allow you to dedicate a separate chamber for an office, no need to fret. Plan an striking yet utilitarian workstation despite size limitations in your living room or boudoir. You can use the furniture you have to partition the area and customise it with flat-pack friendly basics. Avoid bulky fittings and look for foldable desks, chairs and shelves with clean lines.

2. Uniform CodeA cosy workspace characterised by similar hued elements leaves no room for distractions. Create an illusion of continuity in your domestic workspace that will guarantee peace of mind while you breeze through your to-do list. Opt for furniture and decor pieces in a homogenous set of colours and textures that seem to blend into each other.
3. Statement WallsA pop of colour can do wonders to awaken your creative cells. Make a bold decision with unique partitions in vivid tones, decorated with accessories that are functional, yet eye-catching. Plus, surface coverings in colourful, graphic prints are ideal to enliven dull corners in your home.

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