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3 fresh trends to transform your kitchen for summer

MAY 3, 2017 | By Nishita Fiji
L-R: Left: In the Factory Kitchen by Italian brand Aster Cucine, clean lines of iron, reclaimed wood and marble complement the unorthodox setup. Photograph courtesy Aster Cucine
Right: Let your pretty pots and pans serve as a feast for the eyes with exposed shelving units. Trend and Style Direction by Sonia Dutt, Photograph by Ankush Maria, Styling by Prateeksha Kackar;Left: Take cues from the La Cucina kitchen by Italian label Shake Design where natural materials and earthy textures team up to create an organic yet functional space. Photograph courtesy Shake Design
Right: Lead the forest indoors with kitchen accessories in verdant hues and wood finishes. Trend and Style Direction by Sonia Dutt, Photograph by Ankush Maria, Styling by Prateeksha Kackar;Seek inspiration from Peckham Rye setup from English label deVOL Kitchens’ Classic English Kitchen range that pairs muted marble with brass accents. Photograph courtesy deVOL Kitchens.
Cause a stir in your cookroom – we present our top trends to give your kitchen the contemporary makeover you’ve been longing for. Choose multiple materials and textures as accompaniments to whip up a sizzling setting, let exposed shelving units  be your excuse to show off attractive serveware and extend your green thumb beyond  your vegetables by tending to your organic indoor garden.
1. Go Green
Cabinets and counters come alive when healthy greens fill the spaces between them. For a fresh dose of flavour at hand, cultivate a bountiful herb garden right in your kitchen. Not only will it come handy as you cook your favorite recipes, but it will also energise your space with its air purifying qualities. You could also extend the trend to your cookware, serveware and kitchen in verdant hues and wood finishes.
2. Open House
Create a breathable sanctuary in your cookroom and free yourself from the strain of locked cabinets. Pick counters in diverse shapes and colours to put pots, pans and cutlery on proud display.
3. Mixed Matter
Isn’t many always better than one? Explore surfaces with different finishes in your eclectic cookroom to stand out from the crowd. Elevate your kitchen with a melting pot of  materials to lend it a contemporary flair. For instance, juxtapose edgy metals with earthy timbers. We also recommend opting for appliances in diverse finishes to inject extra gleam.
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