18 mango menus that will make a man-go crazy

MAY 28, 2024 | By Disha Kalyankar and Pratishtha Rana
Paint The Town Yellow with Bombay Sweet Shop’s Mango Collection; Photograph courtesy of Bombay Sweet Shop
L’Entremet Exotique by Monique Desserts; Photograph courtesy of Monique
Mango Thai Curry with Jasmine Rice at Blabber All Day; Photograph courtesy of Blabber All Day

This summer, flan and butter yellow are taking over the Pinterest boards. Dressed in the colour of the season with a tropical tinge, restaurants are set to join the mango tango. Kairi-ng on the mango mojo, here’s our list of eighteen mango recipes and menus, stepping up from aam ras to khaas mango lychee ceviche, tres leches and mango-coladas. 

AMADEO By Oberoi, Mumbai

From the umami richness of the sashimi salad rolls to the citrus freshness of Cocktail #13, AMADEO tantalises the senses with its diverse mango menu. Ranging from savoury to sweet, the flavours of mango take over the bar offerings as well. Imagine the fragrant king of fruits perfuming the air as you indulge in the velvety mango ice cream, delicately churned with fresh Alphonso plumpness. And then, there’s the pièce de résistance — the mango cheesecake platter — that envelops your olfactory senses in a melody of tropical delight.

mango sashimi AMADEO
Sashimi salad roll at AMADEO by Oberoi; Photographs courtesy of AMADEO by Oberoi

Bastian, Mumbai

Now that the camera eats first, Bastian serves a trio of trendsetting mango temptations for the gram and the mango-mongers. Their Mango-Lychee Ceviche is a refreshing escape from the sweltering summer heat to a tropical paradise. This is a dish that is not just a feast for the palate but also a visual delight, with the sun-kissed orange of the mango and the soft blush of the salmon marinated in the fragrant lychee vinaigrette. Of course, we’re looking forward to a sweet pick-me-up after our meals, at Bastian, we’re looking forward to the succulent mango pull-me-up and the velvety tres leches with a mango garnish.

Mango dessert at Bastian
Mango Pull-me up cake at Bastian, Mumbai; Photographs courtesy of Bastian

Blabber All Day, Mumbai

Experience a mango-fueled magpie at Blabber All Day Cafe and Bar, which brings to us their brand-new mango menu and selection of refreshing summer cocktails for the season. Gratify with their enticing delights like Turkish Mango Bao and Mango Thai Curry, alongside tropical cocktails like Tiny Thrill.

mango menu by Blabber All Day
A flavour-packed spread from Blabber All Day’s Mango Menu; Photographs courtesy of Blabber All Day Cafe & Bar


Mango Ripple Cheesecake at Blabber All Day Cafe & Bar; Photographs courtesy of Blabber All Day

Blah!, Mumbai

A carnival of colours takes over Blah’s summer menu, bringing a tropical summer feast to the table with mango-tastic concoctions by celebrated mixologist and bartender Ami Shroff. From refreshing salads to wholesome smoothie bowls and hearty pancakes, this flavourful feast captures the essence of the season’s favourite fruit.

Mango Smoothie Bowl from Blah!; Photograph courtesy of Blah!

Bombay Sweet Shop, Mumbai

Paint your taste buds yellow this summer with Bombay Sweet Shop’s luscious Mango collection. Their mithai magicians amalgamate our classic mithai with the “phalo ka raja“, featuring irresistible treats like Mango Ghevar Tart, Mango Kalakand and Mango Jam Peda. Hand-crafted, 100% organic and bursting with flavour. 

Bombay Sweet Shop’s Mango Collection; Photographs courtesy of Bombay Sweet Shop


Mango and Matcha Rasgulla Tiramisu from Bombay Sweet Shop’s Mango Collection; Photographs courtesy of Bombay Sweet Shop

Burma Burma, Mumbai

Burma Burma’s antidote to the boiling heat? Of course, it is the coolest drink this summer, a bubbly… collection of bubble tea! From a refreshing selection of global flavours and creative foams, our cup of tea is the Mango Raspberry, made with in-house mango purée, raspberry purée, nata de coco and tapioca pearls. From one foodie to another, a must-try add-on to this is their coconut jelly.

Mango bubble tea Burma Burma
Mango Raspberry Bubble tea from Burma Burma; Photograph by Vindhya Singh

Butterfly High, Mumbai

Like culinary alchemy, Butterfly High has infused the nostalgia of a summer vacation at your Baa’s place with flaky buttery goodness, in their Ginger chicken pillow with mango chundo. The rich chicken encased in fluffy bread is elevated with the essence of the tangy mango chundo. From decadent desserts like the FroMo Float to the refreshing mango slushie, Butterfly High’s summer menu is an indulgent mango experience full of twists.

Mango chundo recipe Butterfly High
Ginger chicken pillow with a mango chundo at Butterfly High; Photographs courtesy of Butterfly High


Mango Slushie from Butterfly High, Mumbai; Photographs courtesy of Butterfly High

Monique Patisserie, Delhi

Chef Maxime from Monique casts a spell of mango-magique in his new collection of desserts. From the L’Ete Indien, inspired by the flavours of the Indian summer, to the tarty goodness of the  Le Mangue-Framboise. And L’Aubéry which pays tribute to the Art Déco French castle, located in Martinique (French West Indies), an island full of exotic fruits, La Charlotte Ananas celebrating the colours of summer; Cafe Monique celebrates the flavours and colours of the season with a mango eclat.

mango dessert Monique bakery
L’Entremet Exotique from Monique Patisserie; Photographs courtesy of Monique


Mango dessert Monique bakery
Mango and Passion Fruit Cream Puff by Monique Patisserie; Photographs courtesy of Monique Patisserie

Chica Loca, Delhi

With a sip of sunshine, Chica Loca by Sunny Leone toasts the sunny season with their summer-themed cocktails and entrees. Starting with a light burrata and mango salad, followed with fresh mango and avo rice paper rolls, this medley of flavours can make a man-go-loco.

Chica Loca by Sunny Leone
Mango and Avocado Rice Paper Summer Roll from Chica Loca, Delhi; Photographs courtesy of Chica Loca


Mango cocktails at Chica Loca
The assorted summer themed cocktails at Chica Loca; Photographs courtesy of Chica Loca

Flax Healthy Living, Mumbai

A parfait escape from the summer heat is Flax’s Mango Specials Menu. A nutritious take on the season’s finest, ranging from a sweet and savoury mango parfait to the vibrant Mexican mango salad made with freshly sourced flavours and immunity-boosting ingredients.

Mango salad by Flax Healthy Living
Mexican Mango Salad by Flax Healthy Living; Photograph courtesy of Flax Healthy Living

Foo Asian Tapas, Mumbai

Relish the essence of summer with Foo Asian Tapa‘s Mango edit menu, which celebrates the arrival of the king of fruit, with an inventive twist. From the zesty Mango Yuzu dressing to the crispy magic of Mango Tempura Maki, each dish is a mango-istic adventure that’ll have your taste buds dancing in delight!

Snow Peas and Asparagus Dumpling from Foo Asian Tapas’ Fresh at Foo menu; Photographs courtesy of Foo Asian Tapas


Mango Block from Foo Asian Tapas’ Fresh at Foo menu; Photographs courtesy of Foo Asian Tapas


Hotel Marine Plaza, Mumbai

If you like mango-coladas with mango matcha cheesecake, the iconic Hotel Marine Plaza is humming the tunes of a delicate dessert and fun cocktail-filled escape. Here, starting from the mango kunafa to the mango mascarpone, each satin-crepe delicacy pairs and clinks to the mango-tails.

Mango Kunafa from Hotel Marine Plaza, Mumbai; Photographs courtesy of Hotel Marine Plaza


Mango dessert at Hotel Marine Plaza
Mango Matcha Cheesecake from Hotel Marine Plaza, Mumbai; Photographs courtesy of Hotel Marine Plaza

Magnolia Bakery, Mumbai

This summer, dive into the world of mango magic with Magnolia Bakery with their tantalising limited-time treats. From the Mango Jamboree made with a pecan shortbread crust with cream cheese and whipped cream filling topped with fresh mango compote to the Pudding Parfait a special homemade mango compote layered with pieces of coconut cake, whipped cream and fresh mangoes, each dessert is a tropical delight worth savouring.

mango dessert Magnolia
Vanilla cheesecake with Mango Topping from Magnolia Bakery; Photographs courtesy of Magnolia Bakery

Millo, Mumbai

Embark on a mango-crazy adventure at Millo Restaurant in Lower Parel. Brace yourself for a fruity fiesta with their mango-infused menu, featuring lip-smacking delights like mango cheesecake, mango picante, dreamy mango ice cream and a zesty quinoa mango salad. A mango mania that’ll surely leave you awestruck! 

mango dessert at Millo
Mango mousse cake at Millo; Photographs courtesy of Millo, Mumbai


mango cocktail at Millo
Mango Picante from Millo, Mumbai; Photographs courtesy of Millo

Seeds of Life, Mumbai

This summer brings you a mango-filled palate.  So treat your taste buds to a tropical paradise with their mango-inspired menu, ranging from different culinary curatives like creamy mango chia pudding, indulgent mango tres leches and decadent mango-chocolate cakes from Seeds of Life, Mumbai.

mango smoothie
Mango smoothie by Seeds of Life, Mumbai; Photographs courtesy of Seeds of Life

Smoke House Deli, Mumbai 

A refreshing concoction of Jose Cuervo Tequila and white wine with a tropical mango twist, Smoke House Deli’s Fresh Mango Sangrita, is THE sun-kissed sip to beat the Monday blues and toast to the Friday nights.

Smoke House Deli’s Fresh Mango Sangrita; Photograph courtesy of Smoke House Deli

Subko, Mumbai

Subko brings back the old-school memories of savouring Alphonso mangoes in our childhood with a modern swerve. Their croissants are not mere pastries; they’re edible memories, wrapped in layers of buttery nostalgia.  The aam papad croissant takes a French twist on the classic aam papad; their Alphonso Atelier conceals a silken basundi mousse and the nectarean-tart goodness of mango jam within its flaky layers. From their mango sticky rice-inspired Thai mango Cube to the Mango Lassi Bar, the eight craft offerings from Subko celebrate the crowned jewel from Ratnagiri.

mango croissant Subko
Alphonso Atelier from Subko’s Aam Drop; Photographs courtesy of Subko


mango croissant Subko
Alphonso Atelier from Subko’s Aam Drop; Photographs courtesy of Subko

Sukoon, Mumbai

Experience the relaxing summer backdrop at Mumbai’s Sukoon cafe with their adored classic avocado and mango salad paired with mango sourdough toast. With homemade sourdough adorned with mango slices atop luscious cashew cream, a refreshing salad boasts a medley of flavours, giving the timeless classics a modern, innovative touch.

mango salad Sukoon
Mango and Avocado Salad at Sukoon by Joshi House; Photographs courtesy of Sukoon

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