You won’t believe what this French artist does to vintage Apple computers

JAN 13, 2017 | By Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya
Artist Christophe Guinet gives a new lease of life to old, abandoned Apple computers by transforming them into mini gardens exploding with greenery. This botanical series titled Plant Your MAC! is aimed at denouncing our exceedingly tech dependent society, where the French creative touted as Monsieur Plant has integrated elements from nature directly into vintage Apple products.
These tiny terrariums invite us to think about technology and nature in a new way. “I realised that we tend to forget reality in front of our machines…Plant Your MAC! is a way for me to convey a message by recalling that nature exists…let’s not forget it through technology,” discloses Christophe.
Monsieur Plant has transformed a series of Macintosh units from Apple’s early years like the Macintosh Classic, iMAC G3, G5 and even accessories like mouse into bespoke terrariums custom designed for different plant species. For models like MacBonzaï, MaCactus, and MaCarnivor, he has physically unified exotic botanical species with Apple computers. Each device has been carefully manipulated to accommodate a host of lush greenery — whether it grows outwards from a screen, or sprouts vertically from a mouse.
Not only is his art beautiful, it’s a wildly creative use of old computers, which often aren’t properly recycled and generate e-waste. We love how subtly he has reminded us to “reconnect” with nature without having to “disconnect” with technology.
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