What we loved at Fendi’s 10th edition with Design Miami

DEC 12, 2017 | By Delilah Rodrigues
Maison Fendi collaborated with Milan-based designer Chiara Andreatti.

For their 10th Design Miami edition, Italian luxury lifestyle brand Maison Fendi collaborated with Milan-based designer Chiara Andreatti. Curated by Maria Cristina Didero, the project is named Welcome!, manifested in interesting furnishings that promote good living and represent the spirit of the design house, and its creative and aesthetic philosophy. The designer interprets several iconic details of the brand, from the Cuoio Romano leather and Punto Selleria stitch to the Pequin print and renowned fur craftsmanship. Talking about the collaboration, Chiara says, “I started from an accurate study of the maison’s historical archive as I wanted to talk about Fendi’s history and its past iconic language. My aim was to essentially fuse luxury with primitive elegance.” Some of our favourites were the bamboo coffee table that features wide, natural brass legs and a thick interwoven table top and the highback throne-like chairs made of raw hemp. Other stunning pieces that were showcased included an asymmetric sofa with organic shapes that was coated with velvet fabric, two butter-white parchment lamps and ceramics with classical forms.

We also fell for a sleek ocher rocking chair made of burnished iron and accentuated by two sophisticated cushions in Cuoio Romano leather. Try convincing us to get out of that one…When: December 6- 10, 2017Websites:
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