We translated BV Doshi’s fondest memories into food!

DEC 7, 2017 | By Eat Drink Design
CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT Seared Fish, Crispy Potato & Whey Butter Emulsion; French Onion Broth, Melba Crisp, Gruyere Sphere & Onion Mousse; Mini Thalipith With Smoked White Butter & Chutney Caviar
Photography by Binaifer Bharucha, Styling by Mrudul Pathak Kundu; Textures Of Olive & Camembert Espuma.

Neeraj Sharda and Pooja Raheja of Eat Drink Design translate Prof BV Doshi’s priceless memories into gastronomic delights – each dish reflecting an endearing emotion that defines him.

WARMTHFrench Onion Broth, Melba Crisp, Gruyere Sphere & Onion MousseThe memory: “In Paris on many cold evenings, SH Raza and I would go see concerts together at Les Halles…after which we’d go hunting for French onion soup”AUSTERITYTextures Of Olive & Camembert EspumaThe memory: “Le Corbusier offered me a job as a young trainee at his atelier, but without pay. My options were to join him and starve, or stay back. Of course, I went…I gladly survived on just cheese and olives for eight months”TENDERNESSMini Thalipith With Smoked White Butter & Chutney CaviarThe memory: “The humble thalipith is my favourite dish that my wife Kamala makes at home. Can’t live without it!”INNOCENCE Mini Pav, Missal Mousse & Chilli PowderThe memory: “Missal pav and chai always takes me back to my childhood in Pune. Whenever I’m in the city I have to drop by at Tulshi Baug near Mandai for a plate of hot missal”PURITYSeared Fish, Crispy Potato & Whey Butter EmulsionThe memory: “Louis Kahn would always have boiled potatoes and fish for lunch or dinner. There was something very pristine and down to earth about that….just like him”
Location Courtesy: S Raheja Realty
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