Very Grounded: 8 wooden tableware options for an organic touch

MAY 3, 2016 | By ELLE DECOR Team
7. Ceramic condiment pots from Just For Decor. 1. The Mineral collection by Srishti Gupta. 2. Aster motif wooden serving tray from Abaca. 3. Blub – Vide Poche bowl by Saif Faisal.
4. Wood coasters from Mora Taara. 6. Curve bowl by Studio Objectry. 8. Sheesham wood fish cutting board from Contemporary Arts and Crafts. 5. Living Edge wood cheese board from Freedom Tree.

Tired of seeing glass and ceramic dominate the dining table? Break the monotony by returning to your roots. Pick these stylish additions made out of wood. From cheese boards and salad bowls and serving trays – each of these will add a sophisticated flair to even laid-back informal meals.

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