“Valcucine’s history and philosophy is remarkable”: Stefano Core

AUG 2, 2016 | By as told to Pramiti Madhavji
CEO Stefano Core spoke to our Editor-in-Chief about the brand’s future and how they intend to reinforce their identity

The Italian Creation Group took over the Italian kitchen label Valcucine early last year. With this move, the Group brings with them the experience and goodwill that they have garnered over the years while working with numerous multinational companies across the globe. Their main objective is to strengthen Valcucine’s presence through strategic economic and managerial investments. The CEO Stefano Core spoke to our Editor-in-Chief about the brand’s future and how they intend to reinforce their identity.

ELLE DECOR: Could you elaborate on Valcucine’s journey so far and the takeover by the Italian Creation Group?

Stefano Core: Valcucine’s history and philosophy is remarkable, which very few people know of. According to me, Valcucine is a rough diamond that needs polishing and generating awareness. People, who are familiar with the brand, love it and swear by the technology. But since it’s so niche, we aim to spread its wings internationally. With the Italian Creation Group behind it now, we anticipate expansion in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia. What you see today is the result of strong marketing initiatives.

ED: What is the group’s vision moving forward?

SC: The Italian Creation Group’s strategy is to acquire mid-sized companies that are the absolute best in their fields. Valcucine is one of finest but there are other companies like Driade as well that have an important design history. Philippe Starck is a prime example of a designer who became famous because of his work with the Italian company. So we acquired Driade along with another company whose expertise lies in bathrooms and are in talks with a lighting company too.

ED: What are Valcucine’s four important values?

SC: We have tried to consolidate why people must buy our solutions based on our values and vision. The first one is “Timeless”, not only in terms of durability but also design. We are the only company to offer a guarantee of 15 years – if anything breaks; we replace it free of cost. We don’t believe in following trends blindly because we understand that people do not upgrade kitchens very often. “Wellbeing” is our second value; we want our kitchens to be built for the betterment of the world and the people. “Ergonomics” is important too, as we strive to make solutions that are comfortable for the user in many senses. We have four different units that are targeted for specific clients. The last one is “Innovation” because it’s in our DNA and we are constantly evolving.